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Detroit Motor Show & New Aveo

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 As competition heats up in the subcompact car segment, Chevrolet is giving its value-priced Aveo a bolder design and more powerful engine.

Chevrolet will introduce the Aveo RS show car at the Detroit auto show next week. It's meant to hint at the new, European-inspired styling of the 2011 Aveo, which will go on sale next year.

Chevrolet lowered the grille and gave the show car 19-inch tires for a tougher appearance. The Aveo is a four-door, but the rear-door handles are nearly hidden, giving the car the zippier look of a three-door hatchback.

The show car has the same 138-horsepower, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine as the compact Chevrolet Cruze, which goes on sale later this year and gets 40 miles per gallon. That's more pep than the Aveo's current 108-horsepower engine.

Aveo's U.S. sales peaked in 2005, but the car has been struggling as newer subcompacts came on the market, including the Nissan Versa, the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris.

The Aveo will be part of a small-car blitz at the Detroit show, where automakers will be displaying the new Ford Focus, Mazda2, the electric Nissan Leaf and an electric concept version of the Fiat 500. Chevrolet also will be showing its Spark minicar. creativebala2010-01-08 11:19:57

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Looks good alright but i doubt this will be launched here in coming years. May be we will get the chineese Aveo sedan than DD talked about. This might be a SRV replacement. Nobody talks about it though. 

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Looks very good especially in that blue shade. And it does looks like Evo especially from side profile. I dont know but just 1st look at the pic and i was immediately thinking of Evo.

This Aveo looks brilliant but i guess it will take time as Chevy now needs to concentrate on good sales of Beat and Cruze, and if they are not getting the good sales then i dont expect any new products from them.

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The Detroit Motor Show just commenced yesterday. One of my close friends, who works for CNN visited and here's what he got:


MINI Beachcomber


Beachcomber concept vehicle offers room for a driver and up to three

passengers in an open-body style without a roof or doors. The advanced

suspension, all-wheel-drive systems and light, four-cylinder engine

give the Beachcomber the ability to travel over varied terrain, while a

soft roof and lightweight doors can be attached for travel in adverse




Ford Focus

Both the

four-door-sedan and five-door-hatchback body styles of the compact 2012

Ford Focus will get 40 miles per gallon. They also come loaded with

features never found on Detroit's old econoboxes. The key, however, is

that Ford expects to keep the price down by building more than 2

million of what is basically the same car around the world in plants in

the U.S., China and Europe.



GMC Granite

The GMC Granite

concept vehicle, powered by a fuel-efficient 1.4 liter-engine, combines

an urban-industrial design aesthetic with the functionality demanded by

young professionals. The Granite's open interior was designed for

flexibility, including unique flipping/folding seats, which can stow a

mountain bike inside with the tailgate closed. If brought to market,

the Granite would be the smallest GMC vehicle ever built by General




Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevrolet

Aveo RS will be built in the U.S. starting in 2011. The concept car

features motorcycle-inspired exposed headlamps, low roofline, fender

flares and large wheels and tires. "Our intent with the Aveo RS show

car is to demonstrate Chevrolet's vision for a small car," said Jim

Campbell, general manager of GM's Chevrolet Division. The Aveo is

powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine matched up with a six-speed

manual transmission that promises to get better than 40 miles per




Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai

Tucson is the smallest utility vehicle in the Hyundai lineup at 103.5

inches but has a spacious cabin as well as a long list of standard

equipment. Hyundai designers also made a gallant effort to offer the

boxy utility a graceful exterior design. Engineers also have reduced

interior noise and vibration to make it feel more like a sedan. It also

comes with all-wheel-drive and the latest safety features and has

combined fuel-economy rating of 24 mpg.



Audi A8

A full-sized luxury

sedan over 16.8 feet long, this Audi is powered by a V8 engine and

enhanced by a lengthy list of electronic features, such as radar to

help during lane changes. The re-styled 2011 A8 is the new flagship of

Audi's fleet of expensive cars. The car is built on aluminum space

frame and its big engine is equipped with direct injection so it

consumes 27% less fuel. The car also uses ultra-efficient LED lights

both inside and out.




An eye-catching

androgynous vehicle, the two-seat, battery-electric Tango is built by

the Commuter Cars Corp. of Spokane, Wash. The Tango weighs 3,000 pounds

with the battery and is emission-free and its builders claim it can go

from zero to 60 in four seconds, matching the quickness of high sports

cars because of its instant power. The passenger sits to the rear of

the driver in the four-wheel vehicle. There's already a two-year

waiting list.




Efficient sports cars

are an oxymoron but revamped BMW Z4 comes with an engine that gets 335

horsepower and 26.1 miles per gallon as well as CO2 emissions low

enough to meet tough European standards. BMW designers have also

updated the classic roadster's exterior appearance and added new

high-tech LED lights . The Roadster will go on sale in the U.S. this




Volkswagn NCC


New Concept Car sits on a modest 104-inch wheel base and blends several

automotive technologies, including an ultra-modern 1.4-liter engine

with direct injecton and turbocharging, as well as an electric motor

tucked between the gas motor and the 7-speed automatic transmission. In

addition, as soon as the driver releases the gas pedal the motor is

disengaged from the transmission, which eliminates drag losses, while

the brakes recover kinetic energy which is stored in the lithium-ion




Honda CR-Z

The 2-seat Honda

CR-Z hybrid coupe combines futuristic styling, driving enjoyment and

the latest in Honda hybrid technology. As striking as the car's sleek

lines are, it's the environmental performance--just 117 grams of CO2

per kilometer and 56.4 mpg--from its power train that sets it apart.

Due to hit the streets in the second half of 2010, the CR-Z is

described as the car designed to marry sporty flair and high




Tesla S

The Tesla Model S is

the California company's version of a battery-electric family sedan,

which is expected to have a 300 mile range and the capacity for up to

seven passengers. It offers fold-flat seats for cargo as well as a

zero-to-60 speed of only 5.6 seconds thanks to its zippy electric

motor. The car is scheduled to reach the market in 2011. It will be

twice as efficient as hybrids that now get better than 50 to 60 miles

per gallon, Tesla officials said.



Toyota FT-Ch

Toyota unveiled

the FT-CH, a compact hybrid concept vehicle, in Detroit underscoring

its intentions to offer an array of hybrid vehicles in the future.

Smaller than the Prius by 22 inches, the FT-CH was styled at Toyota's

European Design and Development in Nice, France and was designed for

maximum passenger comfort and interior roominess. Lighter and even more

fuel efficient than the current Prius, the FT-CH targets a lower price

point and is will likely appeal to a younger, less-affluent buyer


Drift Punk


driftpunk2010-01-25 05:01:34

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Man, the A8 has some presence but I think Audi has gone overboard with the headlamps. A little too in your face and doesn't gel with the rest of the car. The Chevrolet beat looks great in that blue and the Volksawgen NCC looks really smooth. That 2 seat Tango looks interesting and reminds me of the Nano. 

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Fiat 500 BEVs

Fiat sported a brace of Fiat 500 BEVs, converted to run on electricity. By 2014, Chrysler will have gone from none to three superminis, all enabled by Fiat's strength in small cars

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Its a great show. The Aveo looks very much like a blown-up Beat. In fact, its going against the trend - Manufacturers adopt big car cues for small cars whereas Chevy is doing it the other way around. The thing about the features in the Beat is that you will lose out all the excitement in a few years time and so by the time the Aveo makes it to India, there will not be the same amount of enthusiasm

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