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Thanks Subzero smiley1.gif

Will go for the one which is cheaper. Got some pics of my old tyre as well as a BridgestoneS248 and apollo amazer xl.

My old tyre


My old tyre again


Big and deep cracks


Can you read the Mfd date? How to read?




Bridgestone S248 tread. Note channel cracks.


Apollo amazer wall


Apollo amazer tread design


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Guys, even I'm looking forward to change my Swift's JK Tornado 165-70-R14 to a similar size or an upsize 185-70-R14.

I visited a dealership recently and they quoted 3200 a tire (165-70-R14) and 4200 (185-70-R14) for Goodyear Duraplus. Michelin 185 section quote was 4500 a piece.

Now, I haven't checked for Bridgestone, Apollo or any other tire. The only thing is an upsize will give me better road grip but will eat on the average. I currently get about 16-17 a liter on my car. I kinda like it and don't want to compromise on that smiley2.gif

What I'm looking for is a decent ride quality and good road grip. The current stock tires are about 45k old now and the ride quality has become a little harder.

The dealer suggested me to go for the same size (165) Goodyear Durplus.

Your take on this?

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Can't resist to share my personal experince especially when it comes to tyres. I drive a 6 year plus esteem which now runs on Yoko - A Drives(Tubeless). Goodyears Tubeless were the OE fit & trust you me they were good for the first 7000 km after that it was indeed a nightmare for the next 25000 Km.

It was then when I decided to opt for the A-Drives & hers how they compare:


1. Number of years on A-Drives: 4 Plus

2. Run: 45777KM

3. Number of flats: ''NA - 0 - Null''


Not even a single flat in last 4 years, the technology amazes me everyday. My suggestion to everyone:

1. Yokohama are the best.

2. Followed by Michelin

3. & Bridgestone
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This is the thread i was looking for.

I wish to upgrade to 15" tyre for my New Swift Dzire.

Kindly guide which tyre is good for general use, no high performance or racing tires required.

195/60 R15 is the one which I think is most suitable.

Cost aprox 4900 each for bridgestone RE 88 or Yokohama A drive, offer for buy back of tyre 165/80 R14 by dealer 2500 each.

Kindly advice on brand, size, price and Shop too if you can.

Sorry to Mods for not posting my Tyre related query here before.

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@Kushal, how old are your tires??

2500 each is a steep amount (and a good amount) for a buy back!! smiley1.gif

@Esteem: Are Yoko soft rubber? I'm told Michelin is soft and so it'll tread faster. If its Bridgstone which is the 3rd best, which range would you suggest to go for (either the 165 or the 185)

Is anyone using Goodyear Duraplus here? Kindly share your views.

Seeking advice from seniors as well...

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i a confined to tubed 165 80 R 13 size for my palio 1.2 2002 model-was thinking of using michelin but they dont have the size so then finally had to get hold of bridgestones.was keen to get tubeless types but there was so much confusion in many car forums abt whether old rims will accomodate such tyres or not so dropped he idea

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Guys do have a look on this URL


All brands and nearly all sizes tyres are available here. One can purchase online at a very competitive price.

Its a very innovative venture.

Hope it will help many.


Yes, it seems to be very good site.

Gives all the information and guides you to proper tyre as per your requirement (stock, upsize).

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