want to buy a cruiser ... :-)

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wait for the twin spark, unit construction tbird .i have one of the first few tbirds that left the factory. its great on highways and thanks to the tvs motocrosser bars i have on it, its not too bad in the city either. its comfy and the new twin spark bike promises to be more reliable and leak less oil. in stock condition, expect a mileage of around 35-40kpl when you go easy on the throttle. Also, please put an aftermarket exhaust can if you are buying one. the stock one makes it sound like an avenger.

Now, for the avenger. it is more reliable, performs better and fuel economy should be slightly better. but its not an enfield.

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i am bro .. :-D 179 cm .. so ok TB den .. now just help me get points to put b4 my dad :-| .. dunno y he's saying no to a 350 cc engine !! :-( 

Take your dad for a nice 200km ride on the Avenger. Between the narrow rear seat, vibes and the pogo-stick damping at the rear, he'll rather walk home than ride back with you.

Just don't let him ride the T-bird as well! ;)

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