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Maruti/Hyundai car under 4 lac

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Hi All

My dad is looking to replace his old Maruti 800 and I need suggestions. He doesn't drive too often now, so does not want to spend much more than 3/3.5 L.

Also, my hometown only has service centers for Hyundai/Maruti so no other manufacturer can be considered.

I have new Estillo in my mind...any reviews about it. Also, A-star/Santro/i10 are under consideration.

Please advice and help



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We need to decide only between Hyundai and Maruti...there is no other service centre in town and it would be a big hassle if he has to travel 50 kms to get servicing done...

Then try to slightly extend your budget and go for Swift/ Ritz, nothing more, nothing less

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If it is self driven and not used by all in family then you can check out the A-star. It is fuel efficient and good to drive. Estilo is also a good choice but tires are too thin in case of Lx and Lxi. Estilo is a bit more spacious though.  Santro is getting aged and too common.


Go for ritz or swift only if you can stretch your budget.

sb-alto2010-01-29 18:07:12

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Absolutely, Astar only if your dad uses it. Its a cheap "beetle" with very less rear leg space. So go for Estilo if it is the only car in your family and entire family depends on it. If you buy LX/LXi then opt for the tires of VXi. 

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Hi Vineetgarg,

Considering your budget & narrow choices, just go for i10-1.1 iRDE 'Era' version.

It fits well in your Budget (Please clear: As you are writing 4-lac in the thread tag & 3-3.5 lacs in the post),

Rides, looks better & is technically advanced than the Estilo(only its new engine is new rest is the decade old design), Wagon-R & Santro & is alot Comfortable & have better Dynamics too..........

However, if you can stretch your Budget to the 4-lac, then you can also opt for the slightly more Fuel-Efficient & Powerful i10-1.2l kappa too & the version which fits your budget is the 'Magna' one.......


But, don't buy it in the Hurry as with the Oncoming tough competition/rivals & Budget 2010, their might be the chance of their Price Reductions.....  Make sure of this please !!!

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@Dr nishu and tanmay:

i10 Era ex showroom price is around 3.75 and including redg and road tax it will cross 4 lakhs. Since his budget is tight Estilo Lxi at 3.40 makes more sense. Estilo's 1litre engine is better than that of i10 and space difference is negligible. So i feel Estilo is a better package. Estilo is more fuel efficient than i10 and Estilo spares a bit cheaper than i10 ( uncle own an i10 era and the new Estilo.)

sb-alto2010-01-29 18:38:15

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But sb-alto,


 Ex showroom prices (Rs) Delhi


i 10 1.1 IRDE

D-Lite (Solid)


D-Lite (Metallic)


Era (Solid)


Era (Metallic)


Magna New (Solid)


Magna New (Metallic)



i10 1.2L Kappa

Magna (Solid)


Magna (Metalic)


Sportz GLS(Solid)


Sportz GLS(Metallic)


Magna AT(Solid)


Magna AT(Metallic)


Sportz AT GLS(Solid)


Sportz AT GLS(Metallic)


Asta GLS(Solid)


Asta GLS(Metallic)


Asta WS GLS(Solid)


Asta WS GLS(Metallic)


Asta AT WS GLS(Solid)


Asta AT WS GLS(Metallic)



The Hyundai is giving the Insurance, Road Tax & Registration for Free with an i10 (my friend got this offer with i10 kappa Magna from ludhaina dealership)

And i10 is slightly better in Ride Comfort, Handling over the Estilo.

Not a bad deal man,

Plus he's getting a new-gen well engineered Product by paying few Extra Bucks......

Rest, Over to Vineet............
dr_nishu2010-01-29 19:10:13

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Why i10?


2.New Model

Why Estilo?


Cheaper Parts

New engine

Many features( Era lacks many features)

Super Mileage

Its Cheap

Its Spacious( Slightly)

You may also wait for Wagon R, expected any time. It will be a practical alternative.

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Wait for Wagon R. It is a very practical car and has very good space management.

Buy A-star if it will mostly be used by two people. It will be a little cramped for four. According to a friend of mine who recently got married and bought, A-star has the best front seats, but a not so good rear seats in its price range. So if only two are going to use it, A-star is a very god choice.

If not these two then set your eyes on i10 1.1.

These are the best three cars in this price range and all have/will have very good engines.

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Considering that mainly your dad will be using the car , I feel Estilo will be the best option.

The High-set seats are a boon for elder people. Getting-in and Out are very easy and will get a very good view of the road. Estilo will be the easiest among the lot to reverse.

The new K10 engine is pretty smooth and fuel efficient.

A-Star is overall a better car than Estilo, but your father may not like the lower-set  seats . (Not that it is too low! The seats are higher than a Maruti 800.) Never get fooled by smaller-feeling rear seat space in A-Star. A-Star has got longer travel for the front seats. Hence, people tend to push the seats all the way back and start complaining about lesser rear leg room.

Please refer Rahul's post. His Friend  also feels that the rear space is less; though he is praceing about the front leg room!

A-Star is having exactly the same total leg space as an i10 (Add the front leg space and  rear leg space)

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Not everywhere will dealers provide free registration. So depends on places. And CB is right, its a new look car with old engine. Rather estilo is a car with new engine and new transmission too i guess. Astar is good but looks have various opinions also, apart from less boot and leg space. Estilo looks neat and has the maximum plus points in this category. The price in your post shows 3.70 and mine was 3.75. So its almost same and more compared to Estilo.


Astar rear is cramped with small windows which cocoons you more. Rear door is also small which makes going in and out a bit difficult.

sb-alto2010-01-30 16:13:53

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I would strongly suggest you to go with Ritz VXI in that case. It has got good space, tall seating, great engine and a nice list of features.

I never recommend to buy a car whose service center is not in town. In addition to that Punto has reliability issues, and that coupled suspect A.S.S. is not a good option for you.

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