Hero Honda HUNK TV Advertisement

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Hi I have uploaded the new TV Ad of the Hunk..


its there on You Tube and my Blog:

I have also put up an Opinion Poll for it in my blog..
if possible, please vote on how you rate the new TV Ad of the Hunk.

I personally find the new TV Ad average.




[P.S: how does one create a poll in AutoCar India Forums..??]

payeng2007-11-16 11:42:04

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the ad is so stupid... i liked the pulsar ad better... it atleast was nice to watch.... this one i dont like at all


Yes t dint come out good and bcame a silly ad of the Gaurs , but the Bike Looks good,




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ya where is the Road Test for the HUNK' date=' OD has done a roadtest and shootout in the current issue the shootout is with the RTR 160.


Come on ACI we want the Hunk[/quote']



LOL!!!  you want the HUNK!!!  smiley36.gif


ya ya what else do you want me to say if the company calls the bike a hunk. By the way the new bike is called the PUNK.smiley36.gif

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