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Ownership report:Taffeta White Honda Jazz

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We started looking for a hatchback last november. Our Altis was too big for city use and Matiz was showing it's age. It was to be mostly used for city purpose and occasional highway trips. We were looking for a petrol car as our monthly running would be around 600-800 kms.

We checked out most of the hatchbacks in the price range of 5-8 lacs and i even started a thread in AAA section. My father loved the Jazz from day one and i also liked the car.But it was overpriced and we felt it may not be a wise buy. Ultimately we bought the Jazz beacuse we felt it was the best petrol hatchback and it would be very reliable in the long run(our previous experience with Honda was very good).

Likes :

1) Looks. It looks cute from the front, side and rear profile give it a big car look.

2) Interiors are simply awesome(both in terms of styling and quality).

3) Typical Honda Refinement.

4) Performance is good once the car crossed 2500 revs.

5) Quite spacious for a hatchback and boot space is good too.

6) Very comfortable to drive especially in city(my father loves it).

7) Plenty of storage spaces.

8) Good FE.

9) Gearshift is a delight to use.

10) 2+2 years warranty, 4 years free roadside assistance. Engine coolant has a life span of 2 lac kms, iridium spark plugs has a life of 1 lac kms and wiper blades are double durable.


1) Lot of essential features missing like alloys,seat height adjust. The features i miss the most are electrically folding mirrors and front armrest.

2) Midrange performance.

3) Low speed ride could have been better.

4) Either the price should have been lower by around 50 k or the 1.5 L engine from City should have been there at the same price.

Here are the pics :
















The above pic reminded me of this old pic of our white city:




dsc01672o.jpg</a> tanmay872010-02-06 13:56:02

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Nice crisp review Tanmay.

Did you avail the discounts/schemes Honda was offering, it was in tune of ~50k.

Being in the premium category, it should have come fully loaded with features.

Btw, the car is looking cute in white!

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Thanks BF.

I only got 10k discount after some pushing. The problem is Honda is not giving any discount, the discount is being given by the dealers and the dealer here was not giving any discount. Additional 10k discount was available in December though.

There is only one dealer in the entire State(Orissa).

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@ rahul : Yes i agree it is overpriced by around 50k but was the best overall petrol hatchback for us.

Got done with the 2nd service few days back. Total cost came to be around Rs.1100.

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Honda is managing to sell about 300 units of the Jazz as of now.  


"One life, Why so serious"


Being a bit serious, might help this premium, overpriced Honda to sell more.
vr.462010-06-09 19:19:08

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@ mac and rahul : Yes they did change the oil. Service cost inclusive of oil change. Toyota is even better in this aspect, Our Altis has done 20,000 kms in 21 months and total service cost till now is Rs.2900(1300 for 2nd and 1600 for 3rd).

@ anjan and vr.46 : I shall upload some pics within few days. I don't mind the low sales as it makes it exclusive. Regarding the price and vfm factor i will express my views soon when i upload some pics.

@ sgiitk : Sir they did change the oil. I opted for Mineral Oil.

tanmay872010-06-26 10:31:36

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@Tanmay: Modern engines do not need an oil change at 1000km. Honda schedule the first one at 6 months/5000km. Since original fill is almost certainly synth (it is 0W.. or at most 5W..) and Honda allows annual change only with Sunth I may go synth at November. Still to decide.

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