A new car ? Which one

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It would be much better if you could mentione about your nomal usage pattern like how many people travelling in the car, your expectations, budget etc.

Out of the choices, i20 might be the best option here. However, I will highly recommend 1.4l Automatic version (Alas! It is available only with automatic transmission!). Main sore point is the pricing. You could get an SX4 if you spent 50k more than what you are planning for i20.

Polo is also a good option, if you are not too worried about the 3-Cyl engine.

By the way, since you are considering a petrol hatch, why don't you give a try for Swift/Ritz ZXi? They comes with the best engine in the class. It is much more refined and fuel efficient than the next best engine, Hyundai 1.2 Kappa!

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Hi all,

I have just received my figo petrol.

I would just say that it's a real VFM package available today in the market that undercuts a Maruti and even a Hyundai.

It has got features that will put other cars to shame and envy.

Just have a look at the features figo is offering at the price they are asking and you will know for yourself....smiley1.gif 

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Go for the Build Tough & Ideally suited for India- VW Polo(Petrol), though it've 3-cylinder engine, which are supposed to be Viby & Unbalanced but VW's-German Engineering shows there, She doesn't hints of having that, neither by Vibrations nor by Coarseness, its feels extremely Smooth & Refined.

Its Paint finish, Build quality all are Excellent & are in the league of Jetta, Passat, etc.

Simply Go for it..


@rahulgupta3101: Congrats for your new Figo sir..

Which colour do you've bought ?

Do share its pics too on Ford Figo thread. 

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Consider i20 and Figo. TD both to get a better idea.

Polo is a very good car indeed but it looses out on space and service. Polo is not doing too well when compared to Figo ( based on cars spotted on road). Figo is selling hot and there are lots of good reasons for it.

Even though Polo is considered as a tough hatch, do not forget that i20 is the safest. i20 petrol engine is a bit less enthusiastic as it is a heavy car unlike Figo but ride and comfort is great. Interiors are luxurious and gives you a big car feel.

Now see what you need. Out of your choice it is wiser to choose any one out of Figo and i20

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If it's the VFM package you are looking at, don't look any further than figo. It offers more features than any of the cars of that segment and at a much lesser price.

If you are completely bowled over by the looks of i20, go for it...

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