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top automobile manufacturing hub

which city do you favor would be the emerging auto hub of india  

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  1. 1. which city do you favor would be the emerging auto hub of india

    • pune
    • chennai
    • bangalore
    • gurgaon
    • rajasthan
    • gujarat

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which city or state would you prefer would be the top manufacturing hub in india .since gujarat and rajasthan are the only states that dont have manufacturing bases a lot but are emerging ones i considered them in this pole .

voting should be done based on factors like labour,logistics,power etc

give your reasons on why do you think this city or state would be the next auto manufacturing hub in india .

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my first vote would be chennai not that i reside in this city but due to the excellent supplier chain,logistic,friendly govt policy and given that it contains a chain of companies like hyundai,ford,mitsubushi,bmw,renault-nissan,royal enfield daimler and whole lot more and the city is emerging to become the r&d hub for auto majors in the future.

so i feel chennai is the next auto emerging hub in the world and india and is favoured by most auto majors

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My Choice Chennai, with the proposed autobahn kind of road to connect 4 NH and 2 ports, i think this should be the kind of city to export cars easily and also to move inside India.


Doctor adviced me to wear glass, but I am yet to wear one. Is this the reason I am seeing Bangalore in the list.(Not to hurt any Bangaloreite, but still, with crawling traffic and no port, i guess it cant become a car manufacturing hub)

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I have voted for Gujarat. As said by asethi it has a very industry friendly government, one of the most develloped states of India, a great port in Kandla along with an upcoming major port near Ahmedabad. I voted for Gujarat as I see potential there.

If it was to be done only on the current scenario, then definitely Guragon, for housing not only the top automobile manufacturer in India but also the Top Two wheeler manufacturer in the World.


I dont see your vote

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Smart question abhi !!

But regarding this term 'city do you favor would be the emerging auto hub of india', there comes different answers/opinions as:

-Based actually on labour,logistics,power etc, Chennai comes 1st to the mind with now Gujarat equalling in the Capabilities & GM is the only company which have tried & made their 1st plant in Halol there.

Later on came the Tata Nano project.

So, it'll be next most feasible & preferred base as an Auto Hub.

-Based on Tax-savings/manufacturing efficiency,labour & Climate: U.P, Uttrakhand & Himachal Pradesh comes to the mind.

Tata, Honda, HMSI, Bajaj, Sonalika International,etc succeded there.

So, abhigtr you forgot these states in the Poll option above.

-Last but not the Least, based on the Economic & Social development of the country & States, also with keeping the Manufacturer profits/advantages- Rajasthan state name comes to the Mind since it has Good Labour & Power resources.

Similarly, Ratan Tata tried to change the Fortunes of the Bengal with their CM-BB but anyhow, the Time wanted something else there.

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Chennai and Tamil Nadu as a whole gets the thumbs up as its here that the future of our automobile industry lies.The main ingredients for such a feather to Tamil Nadu's cap is a very friendly government and a conducive industrial climate there. But for the recent labour problems in Hyundai Motors India Ltd there is overall peace and also some sense of discipline among the management and workers.

Western Maharashtra was a big auto manufacture hub earlier,  but labour troubles that the plants faced in the 1970's and 1980's were a nightmare.Its slowly regaining its place.Tata, VW, Mahindra, Fiat, Skoda, Bajaj are among the many who have faith in W Maharashtra.

Gurgaon is a troublespot now especially for Honda (HMSIL).Strikes and lockouts plus go slow agitations are common place.Honda's new plant for the augmented capacity is now located in Rajasthan and not in Haryana.

 Maruti and HH plants are in the vicinity in Haryana but we rarely hear of strikes and lockouts there.Even the Exide battery plant  is on a go slow mode lately in Haryana, in the Gurgaon belt.

Gujarat too has a beautiful track record. GM (with Hindustan Motors earlier) and now Tata plants are located here among many.

anjan_c20072010-05-13 15:13:24

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My choice is chennai

+Ve are

1. Sea Port

2. Exclusive Elevated road to port (Work in progress)

3. Near by Internatiaonl airport

4. Good government support (I think gujarat is in No-1)

5. Freindly people

6. Less terror threats



1. Power (electric) shortage

2. Poor Rail connection

3. Less Sub-urban development

4. Less public transport facility

5. Poor city traffic condition




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Pune is the best place for export oriented cars and imports

benz , audi , VW , Tata ,Fiat, Mahindra have all setup here because


1) ports nearby

2) it is more closer to european and african continent, easy for tata and mahindra to export and imports are easier for audi,VW n benz

remember you save alot when u don't have to go around Sri-lanka 

3) Logistic are best in the country

4)Express way near by serves as an good test bed 

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Well although Chennai tops here, most of the company are already there & many new companies are eyeing Chennai. So currently Chennai is hot favourite.

Pune is also not behind, its having many companies like Bajaj, Tata, Fiat, Mahindra, Skoda, VW, Audi, Merc, Force motors, etc. & some other related industries like Garware, etc. Also Pune has ARAI which makes it easy for many companies as it needs frequent visits to get your vehicle passed & also the vehicles are tested there. Also locations wise Pune is favourable for Pan india deliveries.

Gujarat though was slow but now will gain movement after Nano plant, have heard many companies are now interested there(2wheelers as well as 4wheelers), recently Hero Honda too was keen on Sanand near Ahmedabad where Nano plant is situated. Also Rajkot has many companies who manufacture parts for automobile companies & for companies who provides parts to automobile companies like Bosch, Minda, etc.

And also the Metro Rail manufacturing company for Delhi metro & other is situated in Gujarat i.e Bombardier.

But still i will vote for Pune seeing current scenario followed by Gujarat seeing its future potential.

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