Past v/s Present

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Talking about Ferraris' date=' Present and the Past of the California. The old one just looks miles ahead in terms of sheer beauty! 20100505_141151_Desktop_00001.jpg[/quote']


Ok! I say, we have a winner. The old and the new have nothing in common but are both simply stunning. The old one certainly is the prettier one.


@Cyrus How much would one of these classic beauties(decent condition)?cost in todays world?

You are looking at a Decent 0.5-1million$ for something like this.

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Nice thread. The Honda's, Toyota's, Ford's, Audi's have improved their design to a great extent while old GM's(Chevy, Pontaic, etc), Rolls, Bentleys, BMW's, Ferrari's & Merc's are something to die for. They had made such a good looking cars that their new one's to me arent as great when compared, but then if you try to improve Perfection, its only gonna be spoilt.

I actually love the way Merc's were in 1980's. I still have a dream to have one.

1980's Merc W123



1996's W124


1st round eyed Merc E.


2010 E class.


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And the award for the LEAST CHANGED car goes to

The Porsche 911 smiley36.gif

I remember Clarkson and bunch calling Porsche design department the LAZIEST BUNCH OF DESIGNERS IN THE WORLD.


Still love this car.

Very very wrong.
How can you forget our very own Hindustan Ambassador.


Hey I am hearing that our own ambassador is coming back with a new Retro look and better features! For the benefit of the prospective buyers what will be the wish list for this new Amby?

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After all these years the amby is still my dad's favourite car. If amby does a bit of cosmetic surgery i will defi buy one.

My wish list is:

1) lower the ground clearance

2) Swing the hood down and curve it encasing the rear, something like the 911.  now thats asking for too much

3) sleek looking steering wheel- smaller in radius

4) smaller turning radius

5) Most importantly a reliable car which spends less of its time in the garage

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