Ford Figo TDCi Testdrive

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A friend is considering buying a diesel hatch, he was mentally prepared to buy a Vista until i introduced him to Figo and Punto. To check out and TD the cars we went to Tata Fiat and Ford dealerships, While the Vista was not available for a TD we managed to drive the Figo.

The Figo looks strikingly too similar to the discontinued Fusion when viewed from the back while the side profile reminds me of the Fiesta with the same doors carried over and the Front though new is instantly recognisable as a Ford. The looks though not as exciting as Punto, Polo and i20 but are not bad at all.

The interiors are quite spacious when compared to the competition, its only the spacious Vista beats the Figo for the space, the legroom is good for a car of this segment. I liked the rear seat except for the non-adjustable headrests, which feel too low for a person of my height.

I did not like the Plastics used for the dashboard, i find them even worse than the 2010 Punto, though fit and finish is better than Punto. What spoils the matters worse is design of the dashboard that feels too dated for a car launched in 2010. Most parts can easily be identified to be lifted straight out of the Fiesta. The red colored dashboard is not to my taste, i liked the black color better.

The Engine sounds louder and more crude compared to the Fiesta, which also comes with exact same engine. The turbo spools up earlier compared to all other diesel cars in the segment, along with the ideal for city gear ratios the car feels perfect for city driving. The bad part about the engine is this engine does not like to be revved and feels best at the bottom part of the rev band.

I found the steering to be faster than even the Fiesta, though the steering is lighter here. The quick enthusiastic steering and the agile handling makes this very fun to drive car in the city, sadly the choice of engines are not enthusiastic enough. The more powerful 1.6 Duratec engine from the Fiesta will transform this car instantly to a Hot hatch, i know the numbers do not justify a powerful petrol.

The ride is very composed and very similar to the Fiesta. Even at speeds the car does not lose the composure. The car crashes only in deep potholes. The road noise also is on higher side compared to other cars in the segment. Overall this car has a very mature ride but still does not isolate the cabin as well as the Punto's suspension.

FE has always been the best part about this engine, my Sister owns a Fiesta SXi and the FE is excellent.

The only issue i feel potential buyers like my friend are afraid of is the high maintenance costs associated with Ford cars, i Ford manages to keep the costs low this car without a doubt is the best VFM Diesel hatchback sold in India.

My friend after driving both My Punto and the Figo is confused whether to buy low end Punto or the Top end Figo

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Nice small review Anshu. I myself TD'ed a Figo couple of days back.


Some highlights from a drivers perspective:


- Front legroom for the driver is great, one can really stretch legs & its easy to find a comfortable riding position.


- Dashboard is a dated design & looks poor in red, plastics have a hard feel.


- A.C. did not cool up the cabin during the entire duration of TD which easily took ~ 20mins.


- Ride quality was acceptable but the ground clearance is low.


- Engine does not pull from low revs in higher gears but this is the case with most diesels.


- Drive was pleasant with no huge negatives cropping up.


- Look from the side is a big downer, specially the high curve of the roof near A-pillar.


- Green house is enormous & I suppose this is the reason for A.C. not cooling enough,


- Low window sill makes the car look dated for being an old design element.


- Still be seen is Fords promised commitment towards service, spares & costs.


- Overall I liked the car but I wasn't bowled over!
BornFree2010-05-06 13:52:52

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One thing I wanna add,

Diesel is probably the Most Viby & Shaky across all the hatchbacks.

Just tap the Accelerator pedal for a Instant/Once, it'll Shiver(=Shake) whole of the car by Once, a very Crude thing instantly reminding me of Old-Mahindra Jeeps.

This may be due to Cost-cutting Engineering & Cheap engine mounts, Whereas also checked new Ford Ikon 1.4 TDCi diesel there but it was fine with no such Vibes & Shakes at all.

Same trouble/thing I've noticed in the VW Polo 1.2 petrol too.

IMO, If don't bother about the Fiat's current Image & ASS- base Punto 1.3 Active or Dynamic versions will be fine for your friend as they have almost same Specifications/Equipment levels as that of top Ford Figo except Airbags, ABS, etc plus you'll be getting is the Fiat's Fantastic 1.3 MjD diesel engine, Gorgeous looks, Quite Modern & trendy looking Hatch.
dr_nishu2010-05-06 20:51:38

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Here's my Test Drive experience with New Sea Grey coloured Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi TITANIUM Diesel with Coral Dash,

<?:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />dsc00525w.jpg



From the first look the Sea Grey colour in the Ford Figo looks good & so is the White shade.

Design of the Car looks somewhat Fresh & New with Properly hiding the Old-Fiesta Underpinnings, but Overall looks seems to be Conservative & the best designed feature is the Well-Executed & Integrated design of the Bigger Boot in the Rest of the Bodyshell, unlike Honda Jazz.

With the Special bits in like the Chrome-lined front Grille, Black coloured Plastic Cladded B-Pillars(even on base LXi versions too), Chrome-Shrouded Side Indicators, etc.

One of the Very Ford-ish thing I noticed after opening its Bonnet is that Inside it it's having almost no Space at the Side of the Engine Pulleys & Belts, Which when needed Maintenance/Replacement Calls for a Major Exercise & hence Huge Bills(might be).



After opening its Driver's door, the 1st attention seeking thing is the Coral shaded Dashboard, which i found somewhat actually Good-looking than Ordinary Grey or Black Shades.

The Seats are well Cushioned with Proper Contours & are also Comfortable to sit on too but the Sore miss is the Tilt Steering Wheel(even on Top-end variants), as the fixed SW felt slightly high to Short-heighted Driver like me, but Thank-God it was not that high/Un-comfortable though.

The Instrument Panel Dials/digits are well executed & Clear & legible to See & Read on the Move too, but looks even more better at Night with its Red-lights, but here the Crab was the Opposite-Placed Indicator & Wiper stalks.

Rest all the Gear-shifter, Door Trims, Centre Console, Tag-Ringed Silver lined A/C vents are Cool & Fine.

But the Best Part from the Whole Car lies inside & it's its Bluetooth Enabled CD/MP3/FM Player with AUX-in facility, it simply looks & Sounds Awesome(above the Great) even at the FM-mode(92.7 BIG-FM at time) with only its Factory Fitted Speakers, Truly eliminating the need of Expensive Speakers with Sub-Woofers, etc.



After twisting the Key, the Diesel engined car swiftly settled into a Smooth & Quiet Idle but the most Worst thing is that the Minor Tapp on the Accelerator pedal, the Whole of the Cabin vibrates very much in a Shivering manner(or in simple words, The Engine Shakes the Whole Bodyshell in a Jerk manner if suddenly the Accelerator is pressed or Released or while Switching-Off the Engine, like the Jeep, may be due to Cost-Saving Engine Mounts there)

But Performance-wise, The Engine response was Good with Power Delivery in a proper Linear manner with Smooth & Strong Acceleration- Much Easier & Relaxed than 1.3l MjD/DDiS/Quadrajet Diesel.

Due to heavy Traffic on the Highway there, I was able to drive the Car max to 80kmph speeds & to that its Performance was Satisfactory with Good Dynamics & Body-Control, Infact the Car felt much Compact than Actually it is, Surprisingly Good it is.

But during that Scorching Afternoon, its A/C performance felt just adequate or Slightly less than Satisfactory, but not Upto the mark(like Beat, Swift, etc).



On Carefully driving & Watching the whole package, with Good FE figure of 20+ kmpl & Sub 5.5 lakhs Price-tag with Long list of Attractive features, the Car feels an Attractive Buy. An Overall Tempting & Satisfactory Package, Proof being its Top10 sales figures.


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thats a good review. but ford says that its got the most powerful ac compressor 150cc in its class and for that the ac should have been chilling and better  than swift, beat. the petrol engine is more refined than the diesel and the sound doesnt penetrate in the cabin. for diesel model they should have used more soundproofing materials..i have booked a white ford figo 1.2 zxi. swiftvxi062010-05-10 08:47:36

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i have booked a white ford figo 1.2 zxi.


Congrats n Excellent choice swiftvxi06.

Its the best & most Practical variant of the Figo, with all the Required goodies.


Diesel Figo is pretty Poor with Poor engine Insulation, transmitting all the vibes into the Cabin. Instantly reminding of now defunct ZEN-D.

Swift is still the Ruler here, especially its DDiS diesel variant with its No.2 sales figures in April2010, only after Alto. 

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Thanks doc and anuprav.. Its a superb small car with very good handling and build quality. better than the Japs..Ford has increased their volume nos becoz after all those Figo Bookings there's no waiting lists for the top-end variants inspite of the fact that they comprise 80/% of Figo sales.Thats a good thing becoz still now Maruti Swift and Dzire has huge waiting lists.

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congrats swiftvxi06,

My father too have booked the same model of the figo.

We will be getting the delivery on 16th this month. When are you getting yours?

looking forward to share the ownership experience....

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Although this is an thread for Ford Figo TDCi diesel only, but after seeing too many Figo Petrol Lovers/Owners/Going to be Owners here, I'm also posting my TD reviews on Figo 1.2 Petrol here below;


Its Really a Surprising Package, shown by the Way the 1.2l Duratec Petrol engine sounds, Revs & Actually responds to the Driver Inputs. Though it's having only 71PS on paper, it doesn't even hints of less horses(compared to its other rivals) under its hood & Surprises by the Way she Drives, with almost Linear Power delivery & its Refined nature it's almost Effortless to drive in both City & Highways. Even Overtaking isn't & even doesn't seems to be an Issue with her on both City & Highways.

IMO Underpowered isn't the term which can be associated with it..

One can easily Cruise in it all day long at speeds upto 130kmph.

Both AC & Hydraulic Power Steering units also performed well with that engine during TD.

With FE of 15+kmpl on Highways,

Overall, It seems to be a very Good & Best VFM package at Price(4.04 lacs for ZXi & 4.49 lacs for Titanium versions) which even undercuts the Maruti Swift/Ritz Petrol base versions, leaving the Tata's much behind.

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Very-well written dr-nishu,

The best part is that Ford has managed to undercut both tata and Maruti in terms of pricing, which are the undisputed kings with this regard.

The added advantage is the features, Ford is offering on this little devil. I just read the feature list of zxi version which retails about 4lakhs(ex-show Delhi), and was amazed to find some of them.

They are even not on offer, on the much expensive i20 and others alike.

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I took delivery of my FIGO TDCi Titanium on 6th May. Have driven 2200 kms till now mainly on highways. Getting mileage between 16 - 18. Extremely happy with the car so far.

I will post my complete experience this weekend.

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