Premier Rio or Mahindra Bolero

Premier Rio or Mahindra Bolero ?  

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  1. 1. Premier Rio or Mahindra Bolero ?

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Guys Juts came across Premier Rio and found to be a better vehicle and

thought it can compete one of the largest selling MUV Mahindra Bolero.

Which one you like ?

Comparison is made on basis of price of both the vehicles as well as size.

Bolero can be compered to Sumo but sizewise both are different so Bolero's comparison is made in between Bolero and Rio.

My vote goes to Premier Rio for following reasons,

(1) Good Interior

(2) Price.

(3) Exterior Design

(4) Boot Space.

(5) Engine

-ve of Rio are

A.S.S.  and  Manufacturer's reputation

Premier Rio  OR  Mahindra Bolero



Boot Space in Premier Rio - Enough for long weekend 'family' trips


Boot space in Mahindra Bolero -


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Having used the Bolero since 2000 for many, many long drives I must be loyal to it. Must say that its a very rugged machine that can be driven at 80-90 kmph all day long. It is crude and archaic though, but a very tough and no nonsense workhorse.The one I used had the much talked of XD3P 2498 cc Peugeot engine which is now not provided because of the pollution norms I guess. Its all DI in all Boleros.And there's a CRDe version too.

 Its not a joke for a vehicle of its category to remain slotted with best selling cars in the Top Ten Best Sellers since more than a year.

About the Premier Rio it has a sub 1500 cc Peugeot diesel and may prove to be a boon for those who want a cheap SUV, thats not tough to maintain.

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though i dont like the bolero much (despite it being the family car), i must say, as compared to the rio, its a better product. But, the rio does get its share of looks on the road.

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Problem of Rio is its reach to people and perception towards Premier Automobile Ltd as well as origin of the vehicle i.e. Chinese.

Overall Rio seems good but for off-road capability, reliability , M&M is far far Ahead.

Rio has advantage of its simple but handsome styling and size and space for regular use in city as well as for on highways. Even Rio will look good as a vehicle for all occasion may be social, business, weekend drive and even sometime offroad drive due to its high ground clearance as well as diesel engine.

Bolero wins for its ruggedness as well as off road capability and people who really are looking for a compact SUV Bolero is good choice as it provides all features that one want in a car such as power steering, windows, 7 seater space and small in size. But interior quality is very bad as well as comfort level is not as good as it is required when on road.

Rio can be a nice alternate vehicle to keep and even it is a good sub 6L Vehicle who look for and mini SUV having capacity to accommodate 5 people with loads of luggage space  and good interior quality and exterior look.

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I would go with Bolero any day. Its a much hardy and reliable SUV with a very good engine. Even though it is not so refined, but serves the purpose it is build for.

Rio is more a soft roader and its service and dealership is still poor.

Why do you think that Bolero is selling so much ?

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If we compare Normal 5 seater version than Rio's boot look much bigger than Bolero's.  Even Rio gives added facility of foldable back seat that increases more luggage space.

Lets have a look at Interior, starting from


Premier Rio - Simple Layout but dosen't look very cheap.


Mahindra Bolero (This may not be actual but it is similar . Still Quality and ergonomics lacks.


M&M's Interior Photographs are very hard to find so can not upload more images.

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When it comes price factor, I would go with RIO its compact SUV and which comes with 1500cc not bad for Indian conditions.

When it comes to power factor ofcourse Bolero which is 2500cc and proven for off-roading.

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