New petrol car: Under 4.5 lac

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friends I have test driven all these 1.2 ltr cars recently and apart from the immaculate Swift ,The next best thing is absolutely Ritz .Its a great package ,its just the rear looks which is a big let down .otherwise its just a great car to drive even as compared to the 1.2 i10 VTVT (Sportz) .Moreover for just  another 40K you get everything  ABS,EBD,Fob lamps, Stereo. though in the above mentioned i10 variant you get a well integarted stereo but it is without ABS  and  EBD .Thus if are Ok with the looks just go for the Ritz Zxi otherwise the next best thing is the i10 1.2 Sportz.

Correct me friends if I am wrong

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Hello friends,

                     I am in need of a car. My budget is 4.6 lacs and can not exceed more than 5 lacs.


My requirements are a car which is fuel efficient, maintenance friendly and SHOULD HAVE ABS as i usually drive at an average speed of 80-100 kmph, good handling, and decent ground clearance. The car will be driven usually single or maximum 2 so space is not an issue.


The car will be driven approx 40000kms in first year and then handed over to my wife as i plan to buy the new swift after 1.5 years.


I have done my bit of research before posting this thread and have noted the following cars


1) A-star Zxi  = love it because of its fuel economy and good handling. No rear space thou.


2) wagon R Vxi with ABS= very comfortable car, but lack of power on high terrain, also handling ?? at high speeds. Mileage ??


3) Figo petrol Titanium = good handling, good rear leg room, bad pick up, poor mileage thats what i have heard. Need feedback from figo owners on mileage and maintenance.


4) Ritz Vxi with ABS= excellent car. Mileage ?? Only factor that its ranked 4th in my list is the price of 5.13 lacs.


I have a Swift Dzire at the moment and i get a mileage of 18.5 to 19 kmpl with my style of driving. I don't want to buy a diesel as the car will be extensively used only for one year then its will be just with my wife.


Dear SGIITK sir please don't be angry with my thread as i couldn't find one with my set of requirements, so posting it.

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Wagon R and Ritz fill your bill perfectly , u'll get around 16-17 kmpl with AC


Ritz is better in terms of handling , but Ford is the best from the lot. Wagon R is a box.


Ford isn't know for its petrol motor so i'll recommend to stay away. You can also try Micra it is FE is great , gives around 17 kmpl in B2B traffic and comes with safety equipment you require

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I think your research was thorough and extensive, from the points you have noted down.

Regarding my opinion, I'd say :

I do own a Figo and admit that it's petrol engine is not for the enthusiastic driver , but a sedate driver will not complain. You will not feel that it is underpowered as is very apparent from your post that, your major concern is FE. Apart from that it's ride/handling is better than any of the vehicle's available at that cost along with a host of safety features, which again are your primary requirements.

Figo ticks in all the above requirements, and perform those jobs much better than any of the counterparts available.

My father is getting an average of 11kmpl in highly-congested Delhi traffic with 90%AC on. Once, he took it to highway, where he managed 14kmpl with full AC.

These figures are when the car has just done 500kms, which means run-in was still underway.

As for the cost of spares, check-out the extensive survey done by Autocar India team in july-2010 or august issue.

Ford Figo petrol spares were at-par with Maruti and Hyundai spares.

Secondly, micra is also a safe car(Airbag is standard across all models). Ride/handling is neutral as other Japanese machines. Check-out if you are having Nissan dealerships near your place.rahulgupta31012010-11-24 17:51:12

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@andy: First of all you have done good research. You seem to know exactly what you looking for.


what i can gather is your primary objective is a decent VFM  fuel efficient car at 4.5 lacs with ABS.


In kerala where we both hail from you can get A-star Zxi for 4.5 lacs, figo titanium petrol for 5 lacs and figo titanium diesel for 5.9 lacs, Ritz Vdi with ABS for 5.85 lacs


If you driving 40000 kms in one year, dont you think it makes more sense going for a diesel.

40,000 kms should consume ...

2105 liters of diesel @ average of 19kmpl= Rs86305

2105 liters of petrol@ average of 19kmpl in A star= Rs120000


So you roughly saving around 35k+ on fuel for a diesel car, that too if you only considering an A-star, which will defi give you the best mileage among the petrols.


Again maintenance of the diesel car will be a bit more than petrol but i think you should be able to recover your 1 lac back.


so do think about it


As mentioned by Rahul, figo is an excellent VFM car, but servicing it in kerala is still a big ? unless you live in any of the main cities, not like a maruti. Otherwise I too would have loved to have it.


Only time will prove how affordable the figo really is to maintain. Mind you, servicing a maruti diesel is not that cheap either, I too have a swift Dzire and i know its much more than a petrol car.





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