Fiat Linea issues within year

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I brought Fiat Linea Dynamic year ago, within the year of usage I found the below issues, where I need some assistance and details are below, please help me.



Car Make: Fiat

Model: Linea Dynamic

Color: Minimal Gray

KM in 1 Yr: 15000

Services Done: 2 Times

Company Initiave: 1 clutch Upgrade and 1 general Checkup



1. Clutch Pad , Pressure Plate issue adn major braek down of car within years time and replacement took 15 days. and every thing was charagable including Spare, labour, allignment etc

2. Break Pad has to be replaced within 10 Months and it was Charagable

3. Pretol Tank flap issue, insptite of 3-4 times complaints and replacement(according to service centers) issue has not been solved

4. Issue with Rear door setting on factory (major gap)

5. Inspite Complanining about Carbon on front wheels for year no initiative from the Service center

6. Front Door handles - took more than 6 months to replace front door handles, 

7. Spare issue, each time have issue with spare(Small or Big) fiat / tata need atleast week time to get it replaced


Car was under warranty and every time have visited Service center for any reason they have chanrged me for most of thr things and there was not single point where I can say  the parts or intiative or followups has been taken from the Service center or Fiat for all my complaints


Regarding clutch / pressure plate and  Break pad the repsonse is issue with Driving, I dont feel thats the case, pleae help me to escalte or reolve these issue,



Request you to su

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I am a Fiat Linea owner & my car was purchased in November 2009. My car has run 7900 Kms & have not faced any of the said problems. The service by TAFEE Acess Coimbatore is excellent. I had ordered for Fiat Linea seta covers & the same was delivered in 3 days time.


Please write/mail to Fiat India if you feel that the dealer has not given you a proper service.

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That's really really a bad one kulgod007,

Every Fiat car buyer buys the Fiat mostly with keeping in mind the Italian Quality, Authenticity & product related to Ferrari. But everytime he/she'll be gifted with above type experiences.

Spare Parts availabilty is an 1st & biggest problem with the Fiats, since Unos-era, being an CKD's

but now the New Problem cropped with them after Tata-Fiat collabration- The Quality Issues & hence Niggling problems.


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Even One guy known to me owns Palio Stile 1.3l MjD usually encounters such type of Problems frequently.

Once he met with an Accident & got his Palio's Tail-gate damaged & As far as I remember, he got the Genuine Tail-Gate Assembly from Tata-Fiat dealer 2.5 months after he Ordered.


(Mods please note: Due to the Absence of Edit-option here, I got the need to post back to back consecutive posts here.)

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For all shortcomings of Tata-Fiat, one strong positive point noticed in almost 99.99% cases is that Tata A.S.S. has never hesitated or customers struggle to get warranty claims unlike some other leading manufacturers. NEVER.  In fact, 2 different TASS & 1-2 times Fiat also offered me parts/ consumables which were not covered under warranty. 2-3 times even some consumables like coolant etc are also not charged (though they should have charged & I would have been absolutely ok with it). I've a Fiat Linea Petrol for more than a year with  more than 21,000 kms on ODO & not a single engine-related part (except for Fiat's initiative about Clutch Slave Cylinder) changed nor it gives any indication. Yes, I've also heard Brake pads might need to get changed by 22-25K kms which is a bit early to my mind. However, till now 21,000 kms, there is no issue.

Which TASS are you visiting in Bangalore?

Have you tried with any other TASS?

or in such cases, either/ combination of following helps:

  • Discuss on Automobile forums like ACI - you'll get solution most of the times or at least way to go about
  • Speak to GM of TASS.
  • Speak to CRM and/or CRM of Tata.
  • Speak to Fiat & inform them by email also. 
In last 1 year, I've observed that in all such cases where eventually when the customer speaks and writes to Fiat, Fiat acts at lightening speed & the dealer whoever it is comes running after the customer to solve the issue. That's how effective it is.

Pls post the Invoices with the amount you've spent. In 1 year, I got 2 services done & the total maintenance/ service cost for 13 months & 21,000 kms is Rs. 2749/- only, rest all under warranty smiley1.gif

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+ 1 to Vahanpujari, kindly go through many threads related to Linea, no one charged for Parts other than Break pads, wiper blade etc.

You say that you don't get any followups means the Tass you are visiting is doing some thing wrong with you, Kindly mail to Fiat with details, they should get back to you soonest.

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For flimsy reason of small, faint mist line left by wiper on windshield, I got both wipers changed one by one. There was not much of an issue if you look at wiper cleaning. Needless to say, they were changed under warranty with ZERO cost to me. That's why I mentioned Tata-Fiat are the best in honoring warranty commitments. No manufacturer changes Wipers for such flimsy reasons which is very usual weather-bound occurring. 

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