New Fiat Uno; for India ????

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Is this car really ideal for the Indian market ?


Maybe the design is a bit too arty for us here and not modern enough ?


Fiat, they can get it right, sure but there's always something amiss -really .


Come on all you fiat fans - why are the cars so down on power always


the 1.6 Siena and the palio are an exception !!!




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The new Uno will be available with a choice of two new flex-fuel petrol engines when it goes on sale in Brazil later this month. The 1.0-litre petrol unit will produce up to 75bhp of power, while the 1.4-litre petrol motor will deliver a maximum of 85bhp of power. Both engines power the front wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox.

At 3.77m long and 1.64m wide,


I'm not a huge fan of Fiat but is Seriously Impressed by reading the line above in the bold.

I think 75PS for 1.0l engine is an 'smiley37.gif' for the Japs too.. smiley18.gif 

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I saw this car at a mall today (in Brazil). Looks way too odd and isn't even very spacious inside.

It had a 1.4 engine under the hood but the most noticeable thing was the front grill - looks absolutely horrible.

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This is new Fiat Uno launched in Brazil. The big question is whether it will come to India:

According to EVP of FIAT (Head of international business), Fiat shall launch a B-segment car below Punto. But the car may be an existing model or developed for India. Strong possibilities are that this new car may be the new Uno to fill the void of Palio.

Incidentally, it was Palio who replaced Uno in India in 1999-2000. According to other auto blogs road test of this car is expected in Aug'10 although nothing concrete has been heard.

Main feature of this model are:

1.Engine: 1.0L & 1.4L flex fuel multiair engine.

1.4L multiair engine with 88bhp has been awarded as the best new engine. I hope it will come to India although it wont get tax/excise benefit applicable for engines <1.2L

2.Design is a mix & match of original Panda (front) & Punto (back).

3.Around 3.8m length but better interior space management than Palio or Punto.

I hope Fiat brings this car to India & price it below 4L for 1.0L version & within 4-5 L for 1.4 L version. I am tired of present 1.2L brigade. Barring K-series none has an engine worth for a 5-6L car. Wish Palio S10 was still available with its 100 horses.

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