Engine Oil for Pulsar 180

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Hi Forum Members,

I'm having Nov 2007 model, Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG-III version & it has clocked 12100 kms till to date & is regularly well-maintained with Proper Service & My Care.



Now, As my Workplace is near to my Residence, almost 1.2kms so Intotal its Average Daily Running is almost 4-6kms.

So, the problem is that everytime when I start it in the morning it makes very Coarse & Irritating Noise & it continues till at least 1km(almost till I reach my Workplace), but the same vanish by itself at long drives(atleast after 1.5-2kms), All Indicating that during that small distance its Engine doesn't gets fully Lubricated.

Currently I'm using 20W-50 Castrol GTX in it, as Bajaj specifies this grade in 180 & above Pulsars.


So guys can you Please tell me the Best solution for this problem & to eradicate that Annoying Noise ???

Like a Better Grade/Brand Engine Oil or else !!

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Wasnt it 10-W-40? Atleast from what I recollect.


No.. They're recommending these grade Oils for 150& Sub-150cc bikes, but for 180, 200 & 220 they are recommending,

SAE 20W50 of API 'SG' + JASO'MA' grade or Superior ones, as written in its Owner's Manual.

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Its Tappets & Rings are already checked & they are fine..

It seems to be coming from the Primary Gear, mainly audible from the engine Crankcase.

It seems to be common amongst all Pulsars, as I've heard in many of them but its Really Irritating.

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@Nishu :

Avoid Castrol. There are too many fakes in the Market. Whatever you buy, make sure that it is dedicated bike engine oil. Gulf and valvoline oils are cheap, whereas Shell and motul a bit costly. Get the quotes and then decide

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