Can i make my own Hi-speed- diesel

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Sticking to a single BP bunk in bangalore, I befriended a guy who overlooks all the activities in that bunk each day.

A few days back i went there again for a refill and asked for Hi-speed diesel(as i was told it better to use it once in a while to clean up the pipes!).

The conversation moved on and i asked him the difference between Hi-speed and normal diesel apart from the price difference.

He was quick to bring out a bottle of solution and said that Hi-speed has this solution mixed with diesel and the regular one did not.

The solution was called 'system D' (or something like that.)

My point is, is it really just about that solution.?

If so i can mix that solution with normal diesel and play with it.

As far as im concerned i felt hi-speed had more octane number than normal. is this solution going to add that .?

Please advice.

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System D is a very popular additive, like System G for petrol. You will get the detergent part, i.e. clean fuel system, but not the Cetane boost (if there is any left after BS4).

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So Hi-speed accordingly is going to provideĀ  me with clean fuel and not cetane boost?

Secondly its been a while since i visited the SHELL bunks.. But if i recollect correctly. they have more flavors of diesel.

Are there other apart from HI-speed that is worth trying once in a while?

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+1 to that. Remember that things that claim to "Clean" are usually abrasive and/or corrosive in nature.

Examples - car polish/scratch remover, these additives, Tooth whitening dental treatments, etc. etc.

These should only be used in special situations and not for everyday use.

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