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All about Car companies' tie ups

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Five years ago, CAR created a subway-style map of every major automaker, its brands and sub-brands, along with its technological partners, spin-offs and related relationships. It was enough to make our head explode, but the map made deciphering the incestuous relationship between the world's automakers a bit easier.

In its latest issue, CAR has updated the map for 2010, including every major and minor automaker and how each are tied together. The Brit pub admits they've taken a decidedly Western perspective, leaving out some of the odder marques and a few brands from emerging markets, but even then SAIC and Tata are in the mix, along with Fisker and Maybach.

Obviously, General Motors' brands have been pared down in the last five years, but before the mag went to print, they weren't able to update the map with the so-to-be-shuttered Mercury marque. And yes, they've got Porsche as a sub-group within Volkswagen and the newly-minted partnership between Toyota and Tesla as well.

Check both the original and upgraded maps in the gallery below, and make sure to view them in high-res to get the complete perspective.
Source: Autoblog





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Interesting Mix & Match of the auto companies but isn't visible properly due to oversized pics.


Mods please edit the thread & paste the re-sized the pics please, so that the Thread can be proceeded smoothly.

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