Used Safari or Brand new sedan?

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Agreed...But they will be atleast 2 to 3 times

above the 6L budget will be a problem to park and definitely a hand

full for that school run.

Well 2nd hand 2.2s are available' date=' but for about 7 lakh.

Best for me to stop wasting time on used cars, for now.

For 6L you could go in for a new hatch. Figo ticks all the right boxes. 

We have 6 lakh for the ex-showroom price,  so the figo is a segment below our budget.

Now our choices are DZire, Manza, Polo, i20 etc., all  top-end, petrol.

@Mods, please change the title if possible to something like " Which mid-sizer/premium hatchback?"

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Please have a look at the Polo - find that it did well in the ACI April 2010 road test and the 3 others i20, Fabia and Punto were left high and dry. The only catch is that VW should learn lessons from the Skoda India story and change their attitude with economics as the mainstay for staying in the Indian market.

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Agree with Anjan. One of the families residing in my building bought a black Polo a week back. I have to say, the car looks stunning. Its simple, elegant and really classy in my opinion.

While the engine is not too good, its not too bad either. The interior qulaity is what you would expect in a car costing atleast 2 lakhs more.

VW service is the only question mark it has.

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1) Skoda probably needs their Indian setup restructuring to achieve Customer Satisfaction here.

But VW is already a Strong Contender & will remain like that, just look at their SE training sessions, classes, levels & their Product Demonstrations- Awesome.

And with 10,000+ Polo orders in their hand in India, I don't find any reason for which the 'German Marcque' will leave their Customers stranded & Crying, all on their Way to becoming Global No.1 Manufacturer. 


2) Manza is better, even alot than the Indica Vista on which It's based.

It will even Serve for the years & in Shape but on the whole it lacks the Fineese, what most the other Global Rivals are having.


3) It varies from 3-5 months for Diesel & 1-2 months for K-Series Petrol, all depends on your Reigon & Dealer.


With 6-lacs in the Pocket & as per Present Cars Scenario, I advice you to go for Polo 1.2 petrol Comfortline version(IMO, Its best VFM version otherwise Highline petrol comes in your budget too).


Wait for Honda's new Small Car coming by this Nov-Dec 2010 or Toyota Etios hatchback coming in Jan-Feb 2011.


As, VW's upcoming Vento will be out of your Budget by massive margin & also avoid Tata Safari even 2.2 DiCOR, you'll probably cry hell for its Dynamics, Turning Radius with Truck-like Manoveurability.

Scorpio CRDe or 2.2 mHawk is still better though with its Relatively Compact size & Light Steering & better Characterstics.

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So I'm guessing Tata service (speaking about the Manza, not Safari) can be better than VW's?

Hmmm.. strange.

We'll obviously go by one of our cars to the showroom.

Just in case my dad wants to bunk our cars and give the driver a

chutti, and we go by bus(the probability of this is very very very

less) and the jokers there try any mischeif, they'll have it.

This shows the nature of these organisation.

Ok, guess I went a little overboard and OT, now back to the topic.

My dad is a considerably influential person. Keeping this in mind, will Volkswagen AfSS be OK atleast? And is Tata any better?

arkboypunk12010-06-30 11:47:50

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But please tell me' date=' has Volswagen AfSS improved over Skoda's?


VWs Service is already Notches above of the Skoda & is at par with Hondas, etc.


So I'm guessing Tata service (speaking about the Manza' date=' not Safari) can be better than VW's?


No doubt Tata's having country's One of the Widest AfSS network, but their Service Quality is really Inconsistent, means Sometimes they behave even better than Maruti & sometimes they falls even below the Expectations.

Most of the Untrained & Dull Local Service Mechanics are the Part of TAfSS across the country.


VW' date=' dealers were giving TD to only those who went to their showroom  in a car.[/quote']


100% Disagreed bala.

I went VW Showroom twice & that's on my Bajaj Pulsar both of the times, 1st time to Touch & Feel the VWs- Passat, when they've been just Introduced in the Country &

2nd time to Watch & TD the Polo. smiley10.gif smiley20.gif 

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Etios sedan looks like the logan.

You *HATE* the logan's looks' date=' then why consider the etios?[/quote']

1. looks are slightly better atleast.

2. better image.

3. 2 airbags atleast.

4. better interiors

5. better brand value,

and hence

6. better resale.


What exactly did those blokes say?

If there were other people who got to TD, you could have sued the dealership.

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Considering maintenance costs of the above, used SX4 ZXi comes out to be the best. It also has most features, and the most spacious. Watch out for a hump in middle of the rear seat due to handrest.

Fiesta would be an OK buy, would most certainly be cheaper than Fiesta, however I am pretty sure older one would be the model not having alloys. It also lacks ACC, and space is lesser.

I would say, give the Chevy's a miss as they havent sold much and would be going  off market soon.

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Used cars have NO advantages over new ones.

Presumably the cost does not come into the picture in your reckoning. Remember most cars depreciate 20-30% the moment you drive them out of the showroom.

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Thanks everyone!

We are going to test the the Polo and Manza over the weekend.


About the hump in the middle , we are a family of 3, so it doesn't matter much. Can you please expand 'ACC' for me.

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ACC is for automatic climate control, it helps in a more precise control of air.

With a climate control system (which will control the air conditioning

and heating), typically you set the temperature that you would like the

interior to be, and the computer achieves this as quickly as possible by

deciding from which vents to blow air, and at what speed, ie. the

process is automatically controlled. For those vehicles without climate

control, you can do everything yourself that such a system would do,

changing the air temperature, speed and directional controls, allowing

you as much control as you require. Additionally, with this sort of

set-up, there is much less to go wrong.

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Please thow some light on the + and - points of
1. Used SX4 ZXi  2. Used Fiesta 1.6 SXi  3. Used Aveo 1.6/1.4 LT
4. Used Optra.


1) Used SX4 is the best bet amongst these all,

 +: Powerful 104PS engine, Fully loaded, Cheap & Easy to maintain;  

 -Prone to Rattles, Chassis vibrates & Resonates at low Revs(except VVTs).


2) Avoid Fiesta as the Ford engines aren't Reliable in the long run, usually they demands Maintenance from their Mid or End of the Life cycle.

Avoid it . .


3) Aveo 1.4/1.6 Petrols,

 +: Resale value poor so you can get 1 at Rock bottom price, Comfortable & Reliable, Acceptable FE for 1.4l;

 -Dull to drive, Spare parts availability might be a Problem, but I request Sarabjeet to Comment on this.


4) Optra 1.8/1.6l Petrol,

 +: Comfortable, Spacious, Good FE(1.6), Poor Re-sale value, Easy to find(1.6).

 -Very Dull engine performance(1.8).

Optra Magnum 2.0 TCDi,

 +: Comfortable, Spacious, 121PS of Raw Power, Good FE, Good Ride Comfort & Handling.

 - Turbo-lag, Good Re-sale value so might not come across 1 easily & at Cheap price.


& Last but not the least suggestion, Try to buy a Used car which is Max 2-2.5yrs Old.

Strictly avoid 4-years+ Old cars, if you Really wanna Peaceful Ownership. 
dr_nishu2010-07-03 20:10:48

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Thanks Doc.

Well, for now its best to keep the list as -

Manza, Dzire, Polo, i20, used SX4.

BTW, we have the base models of sedans like the Fiesta and Aveo within our budget, But no safety features. These may join the list if dad says safety is not required.

Besides, we won't be able to test any cars for a week, as dad has been advised bed-rest.

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