A W201 Based Mercedes Benz 190 RHD of 1990

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This 1990 Merc has a 4 cylinder 2.3-liter, 8-valve, 136 hp, petrol

engine (W201) and has been bought a few days ago at New Delhi by my

friend.It was brought by road to Nagpur. The car is in awesome shape

even 18 years since it was made.The exterior look is a bit forlorn for

a Merc but the interiors are well cared for and decent. The engine is

in ship shape and the car can touch 125 kmph plus with no effort. It

has a four speed manual gearbox and the OE sunroof.

The wheel caps are intact and the left ORVM is missing.The right ORVM

is quite OK.The three pointed star over the bonnet is not fixed but

flexible and can be bent as may be observed in the pictures.

The instrument console is neatly laid out with meters in an aesthetic

array and the clock showing the proper time. The warning lights are at

the base in a horizontal layout one beside the other.The car has ABS

braking and the fusebox is fantastically designed.After all it is a

Merc. I could not get a good picture of the fusebox, (hope to do so

soon) but it can be sighted at the extreme right end of the engine bay

towards the driver side.
















Bent but flexible 3 pointed star-please observe the new position below



In the picture below the headlight levelling switch is seen- the car is a 1990 model!


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Reminds me of the Discovery Turbo program on how a second hand car dealer in the UK buys cars refurbishes them and sells it. I wish there were guys like that here who will do a great job for a fraction of the price of what it will take a Merc dealer.

Your friend has a good job on his hands first to get the car to get a thorough physical from a passionate and knowledgeable mechanic draw out an indent of parts by priority basis and then procure it from sites abroad over the net and get his 18 old baby back to shape. Wish his wife and family wife may dump me.

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The jouney of taking a car from this to a completely restored stage and that to part by part would be fantastic. I wish I had the knowledge, patience and the money required to go through this.

@Anjan - How much did this baby cost him?


@ DD I dont have a wife. You support me financially and Anjan can provide the technical know-how and I will carry out the jobsmiley2.gif. I will even drive down the car to Calcutta and Chennaismiley36.gif.

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Mercs of that era were a class apart. This example needs a fair bit of work and it's really good your friend is doing it up. Would you mind disclosing the purchase price of this one?

Hope your friend can bring this one back to top shape.



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Thanks friends.DD the guy is'nt really bothered about any restoration of any kind.He says that the car came from Delhi to Nagpur like a very fit and energetic Merc and so as long as its mechanically perfect and the three pointed star stays on the bonnet and boot he does'nt care as to how the car looks.So I hope his wife stays!smiley1.gif

asethi919 as I said he is'nt bothered about the car's looks like us -we see the finer points!

The price asethi919 and arkboypunk was a barter deal-friend exchanged his non-working 1967 Chevrolet Malibu for this car.

300kph true the car has ABS and is awesome though it has been neglected and appears to need lots of care.Its the smallest Merc of its time (the A Class had'nt come)but is larger than a Toyota Corolla. the build is very solid.This was the forerunner for the C Class that came in in 1993 after the 190 series was discontinued.

Here is what a very good example would look like!


Source Wikipedia

anjan_c20072010-06-29 15:35:16

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Does it have airbags?

And its service and repairs of such cars possible at Merc ASStations?

The car does not have airbags. These became mandatory sometime later.The Merc ASS services these cars and may also repair, but the spares are not stocked by them. These are to be sourced from Indian spares dealers' who stock these or sourced through eBay and so on.

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