What is a Coupe?

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A coupe or coupe (from the French verb couper, to cut) is a closed car body style, the precise definition of which varies from

manufacturer to manufacturer, and over time. Coupes are often hardtopped

sports cars or sporty variants of sedan (saloon) body styles, with doors commonly

reduced from 4 to 2, and a close-coupled interior (i.e., the rear

seat placed further forward than in a standard sedan) offering either

two seats or 2+2 seating (space for two passengers

in the front and two occasional passengers or children in the rear).

Before the days of motorized vehicles, the word referred to the front or

after compartment of a Continental stagecoach. Courtesy: Wikipedia. 

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Audi TT is a coupe

And the coupes are mostly 2 door, excect the X6, which is more of a SUV than a coupe.



A sedan/saloon is a vehicle in which there is a prominent display of the 3 box shape.


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A Coupe is basically a Car with Sharply tapering Roof-line at the Rear to provide her better Aerodynamics as compared to its basic Conventional Car/Car's Shape, to provide it the Same levels of Looks & Aeroynamics to that of Typical Low-Slung Sports Cars.


Below are the pics of Mercs E-Class Coupe & Sedan respectively, do spot the difference between their Roof-line at the Rear.


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