From France: Our new car - Peugeot 407

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Today' date=' I present you our new car for an exotic test because it's a french car, a Peugeot 407 SW, we have this car since november 2009, its a 2.2 four cylinder petrol engine with 160hp it's a very smooth engine, powerful and fast but always very silent. Gasoline consumption has averaged 9liters for 100km on road and 12.5liters for 100km in city.

What do you think about this Peugeot? Advices, comments?

smiley2.gif [/quote']

Love the panoramic glass roof. I have a great respect for French cars, for their comfort and safety. I have owned a Citroen Xantia earlier and that was one of the most comfortable cars I have been in, with its hydro-pneumatic suspension. I loved the car and was really sad to see it go.

Sad that Peugeot had a stumbling start in India and they left in a bad way. Perhaps they should keep their ego aside and re-think, considering the current market scenario.

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Thank you smiley9.gif

Citroen hydro-pneumatique suspension is very comfortable but is used only by Citroen. Especially the C5 & C6 nowadays.

I will not be surprised if Peugeot returns to India. Peugeot, like Citroen, invests heavily in China and south america for example, they have even developed specific models. So why not in India?

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Many people on the highway, all of Europe goes on holiday on the Mediterranean smiley36.gif : on this picture : on right Renault Laguna Estate (from Belgium), on left VW Tiguan 4Motion


Convertible useless with a glass roof smiley2.gif


The city of nice on the Mediterranean coast



Now "Villefranche-sur-mer" and our beach, sea 28 degrees





the rest soon smiley36.gif

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Very nice of you, guiguiswiss, to be sharing all this with us. I always thought France to be a very beautiful land, never knew it was this beautiful.

About pic - 6, Are those corals, or is it a coral reef? I would like to know the location of pic 6.

Having a glass roof has its advantages I guess during outingssmiley32.gif

BTW, congrats on your getting an intermediate membership

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We have in France many regions and each has different landscapes smiley2.gif

For the picture 6 it is not a coral reef, they are rocks. The photo was taken near the beach of Villefranche sur mer...

Very happy of this promotion    smiley36.gif

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Ferrari California smiley2.gif hidden by the Jeep Wrangler


Monaco, so small country and nevertheless known all over the world. Many traffic jams, not enough interest, very artificial...




The very small Provencal (provencal = from "Provence" the name of the region) touristic village of "EZE" in the mountain


a luxurious hotel in "EZE" (Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible, Mercedes SLR Convertible)


The french city of "Menton" next to the italian border


The border


We can perceive a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Convertible smiley36.gif


And to finish a photo of the Peugeot 407 on the French Riviera smiley2.gif


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Very Nice Pictures there. Any more pics from Sables d'Olonne?

Here is some other photos of "Sables d'Olonne", on the Atlantic Coast, it is very differ from the Mediterranean Coast



beach is bigger but the water is colder   smiley19.gif



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I'm Amazed to see how beautiful these pics & the Landscapes in them are,

I love that Sea in Blue & Coral-like Rock pics.

You've Really make me feel these beautiful locations at & from my Home.. smiley20.gif  

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@ dr nishu : Thank you, it very pleases me smiley9.gif

@ mr spock : thank you, and yes the brand Jeep is rather popular in France, it is a brand which is a good image (vehicle of the american army during the world war II 1939-1945) Then the relationship price/equipment is interesting but the models sold in France are adapted to the European market in particular by the use of diesel engines, nowadays the majority of the Jeep sold in France have a diesel engine. For example the Wrangler proposes one 3.8 V6 gasoline 199hp or one 4 cylinder 2.8 CRD diesel 177hp, the Grand Cherokee and Commander purposes a 3.0 V6 CRD 211hp diesel engine designed by Mercedes Benz smiley1.gif as well as greedy but charming V8 HEMI and the 3.0 V6 CRD represents 90% of sales...

Besides Chrysler sells many of Chrysler 300 (many in taxi) and minivan Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager (export name for Chrysler Town&Country/Dodge Grand Caravan), Dodge and Cadillac are very badly sold. The Ford and Chevy are sold very very well but are sometimes very different from american models smiley2.gif

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After holidays go to the car wash smiley36.gif






It's big! Every wooden beam is 3 meters and lives completely in the car smiley36.gif Why do not to transform the 407 into a luxury commercial vehicle? smiley1.gif

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And here is a good winter weather, snow smiley17.gif ! It's beautiful but to drive.... tire chains are recommended smiley2.gif .



After a year and 20000km we are satisfied withe the 407sw. No problems yet. Soon I will write a report about the Fiat 500, It has 20 month but only 6500km...

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Likewise suzuki"s swift, hyundai" santa fe, toyota"s camry,.. Peugeot 407 is the everlasting and only best best car from its maufacturer as long as i have seen. Also it is one of the best rally car dude., aweseome roadgrip and fabulous performance. Dont waste this piece forever dude.. :)



(always the racer wins atlast)

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What a pic man. A Car covered full of Snow. I just love Snowfall & these kind of pics.

And here in India, we(me from my city) need to Travel atleast 300kms of Congested roads to catch the Glimpse of the Snowfall at Shimla.

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Last post in december 2010 smiley3.gif time flies...

Here are some new pics of our 407 SW. It now has 79'000km on it and no problems. The car passed vehicle inspection in May and no defects were found.

In the background of the first picture the "St Jean Baptistery" it's the oldest building of Poitiers (built in 360 AD) and also the oldest baptistery in France.


My street...




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Your figures are really great. Actually your last input on 20.12.10 shows 20000 kms and in Dec.11 you show 79000 kms, so I calculate from dec-10 to dec-11. Great car, great driver- what else the forum need. All the best.

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This afternoon from 02:00pm to 05:30pm : intensive cleaning of the interior then the exterior. And it was necessary!

First, interior care : vacuum cleaner, damp microfiber cloth and leather spray.

Before smiley3.gif


Driver's side. Horrible! In addition the floor mats has a hole...


Passenger side...


Crumbs on the seat!


Rear seats, less dirty.


And the trunk.

And now after two hours smiley17.gif




You go on a trip?


It's better, right? smiley36.gif


We'll have to replace the floor mats.



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And then, after the interior... The exterior! It has already been cleaned in November, but in winter the cars get dirty faster.


My equipment : Karcher, sponge, car shampoo with wax and chamois leather to dry.

Before :




Bird droppings smiley7.gif


The engine is always kept clean


I began with the wheels, Karcher and sponge.


The final result!!! Only one photo as the night falls quickly...



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I lack time to come here for a few month... Sorry. I spent a lot of time in Switzerland from March to August. Then I moved for my studies in September. I am now in Poitiers only during week ends and holidays...

It was In Spain in July :

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