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Hilarious: Jeremy Clarkson and Reliant Robin!

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If you have asthma which is triggered by laughing beware! My daughter started to wheeze after watching this hilarious episode with Jeremy Clarkson at his best.

Video: Clarkson

demonstrates why there aren't more three-wheeled cars

by Sam Abuelsamid

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on Jun 28th 2010 at 4:58PM


Click above to view

the video after

the jump

The long wait is finally over and Top Gear is back for its 15th series

of the modern era. We won't spoil all of the fun for those who haven't

seen it, but we can say that the premiere was... highly educational. We

got a look at the first flex-fuel Bentley and

received further

confirmation that James May was likely the cause of the Icelandic

volcano eruption that shut down European air space for nearly two weeks.

We also saw the new reasonably priced car, a brown Kia Cee'd, get broken in by

some British C-listers before the real celebrities start in on it next


By far, though, the highlight of the program was the physics lesson from

Jeremy Clarkson that demonstrates why there aren't more three-wheeled

vehicles in the world. Clarkson set out on a treacherous 14-mile journey

in a Reliant Robin to learn whether it's worthwhile to save money on

the vehicle registration tax with a three-wheeled conveyance. You'll

have to watch for yourself to learn the answer to that question, and

since you are undoubtedly a resourceful bunch, we're sure you know where

to find the full episode if you don't happen to live in the UK. But if

you don't, make

the jump for the segment.

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I saw this. This was on the last weeks episode and it was absolutely hilarious stuff. Clarkson attented a meeting of the Reliant Robin Owners club and they explained that to stop the car from topplig over while turning, they keep a heavy bag or tool kit on the seat besides the driver seat. smiley36.gif!!

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i havent seen the second episode yet. it is downloading as i type this. hope to see a crashed reliant robin.

TG is really serious now even though the producer says that no one or nothing told them to be serious as it was said in the news that Government told TG to be serious.

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Can anyone tell me how I can watch Top gear? I just love clarkson and May.

I used to watch in BBC world but now they don't show it.

Best and easy way is to go to Youtube and watch it.

"@asethi 919-No download as My internet connection  quality is poor.(

connection drops often) .So could you suggest  any site where i can see

video streaming version."

If your internet connection is poor, it will take a long time to buffer be patient.

Durango Dude2010-07-07 03:05:54

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