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I have nothing against Nissan' date=' rather I love the "Godzilla" and the Skyline.[/quote']

You meant to say Godzilla and the Fairlady, as Godzilla and the Skyline GTR are the same car!

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May be it is the other way round. Pre-launched cars had this chrome and steering audio controls etc but the after launch and test cars are lacking all these.


Nissan is coming very much like VW of we can call better than them as at the Time of their Hatchback launch they're having almost same no of Dealerships, localisation content, etc

Even Nissan seems to be prepared better than VW in terms of their Annual Production target of 80k Micras in FY 2010 only.

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Test Driven last Weekend is the Nissan Micra XL Petrol;

& I'm Summarising the Whole experience with Nissan for the first time in the India as follows:


While Entering the Showroom:

While on our Family Tour, we've(me & my dad) planned to have a look of the Nissan Micra in the Showroom located somewhere on NH1.

While entering in the Nissan Dealership(actually the Parking area infront of the Shwroom) we're in our Alto LXi & after seeing Us & our Car, the Nissan's Good looking Sales Executive came outside the Showroom Premises to Recieve us.

Then after Entering seen there are 5 Micras standing inside the Showroom in each variant & almost all colours.

The Best thing about there was that, All its variants are Arranged in a very Systematic manner, starting from the XE variant 1st, then mid-XL & last XV in the Exact front place of Special display.

& Standing on the one side was the Specially Highlighted Jazzed-up Orange coloured Mid-XL Micra fitted with Alot of Accessories, like Gorgeous Alloys with wider Tyres, Front-Rear & Side Skirtings, Premium Seat Covers, Leather Steering Cover, etc -All worth 1.05 lakh Rupees.


Micra Demonstration in Showroom: 

The SE started its demonstration from the Base-XE Variant in a very systematic manner comparing Each & every feature & proceeded to the Next consecutive variants. Following are the things I've noted there;





At the First Glance the White Micra looked Really Really Awesome, with Glossy shine & finishing almost at par with VW Polo(or even better than it, but may be due to Showroom light-effect there) & Overall it looked really Irresistible(even clicked that) & after All-around Careful Examination the car looked really Good with Good Fit-Finish & Gaps almost around.

The Best bits being the Sparkling Nissan logo above the Front Grille, the Swooping Curve of the Rear Door(alongwith the C-pillar) & Non-Flush fitting Rear Tail-lamps.



However the Car demands Aftermarket Alloys desperately to Exponentially raise its Style Quotient(as in the pic Immediately above)





After Stepping Into the Cabin 1st at the Driver Seat of the Base-XE variant, the 1st feeling I got is of the Spacious Airy Cabin, even though it was Black in colour & the Quality(which at 1st glance felt much better than that of Fiat Punto), 2nd variant Interiors are almost same(from Driver's Seat) as that of base variant except Tachometer, Silver finished Factory fitted Music System, All Power Windows.

Now Moving to the Rear Seat;

As everyone knows & says it's the Most Criticised part of the Micra, I agree with all of them & None of the variant's Rear Seat is actually Comfortable.

As the Base variant's Rear Bench is Tad Flat & totally Uncontoured like that of an Office's average quality outside Waiting Bench.

While Rear Bench of the Mid & Top variant is also Flat even though it's Contoured & what deficiency in it is that Its Hip Resting Point is almost at same level to the Under-Thigh supporting part(so lacking Under-thigh Support Indirectly) 

Moving onto the top of the line XV variant, It felt much more Airy & Welcoming than other variants due to its Greige Interior Shade(Grey+Beige type). It was Really Hi-tech laden variant with Automatic Climate Control System, True Keyless Entry(senses the key-fob only upto 80cms), Push Start-Stop Button, Airbags, Tilt Steering(in both XL & XV variants)etc.

The ACC is Really functional, very legible, located at very Comfortable position & can be Operated all the times with the Ease.

The Push Button Start-Stop feature is Confusing Initially but is Actually Easy & Effective to use.

Nissan's Attention to Detail is Great & can be seen in the Inside of the AC louvres too, all are well-finished & upto that part that's Visible to the Eye even Formally.


Test-Drive Experience:

The TD car was its Brick Red Shaded Mid-XL variant.

On Twisting the Key the car Set into the l'll bit Audible Idle & till the Top-end the Engine is Easy to Rev & is Relatively Refined (as compared to Polo, Figo) but not as Silky as Maruti Suzuki's K-Series(both 1.0 & 1.2l's) & Honda Jazz's i-VTEC's.

On driving Initially at Slow speeds or at Low Revs the Car/engine felt Relatively lethargic(upto 2000-2500Rpm) & after that on Sprinting the Engine goes really Wow !! with Continous Surge.

And Inreality its Mid & Top-Range felt actually much Stronger than MS's Swift/Ritz based 1.2l K-Series engine & one can Easily left with some Rpm's on her Tacho to play with, even the Car is fast.

Braking, Ride & Suspension are one of the best bits of the Car, noticed on the Move.

However, What felt somewhat Awkward/Deficient are;

-Its Over-light Steering, which remains Very Light at even High Speeds.

-Stability: Its 165/80 section thin tyres gaves her Wallowy & Unstable ride, exactly like Swift LXi/VXi.

An upgrade to 175 or 185 tyres will solves all the deficiencies of Stability front.


Overall Verdict: 

Nice, Nimble & cut car to Own, which looks very much like Swift's Cousin in both looks, contours & Stability manners, while not In the Driving pleasure arena where Swift is still at the Top -'The Guru of the All cars'.

And with ARAI Certified FE of 18.06kmpl, with Sensible & Tempting Price Tag(felt after above experience) alongwith Standard Driver Airbag across all the Variants, it seems to be Good buy if Driving pleasure isn't the Sole Criterion for your buying.

Its Mid-variant XL is decently loaded & is the Best VFM, IMO for no-Non Sense daily commuting.

Last but not the least, Just Waiting for its Diesel Version to come around this Diwali.


dr_nishu2010-08-25 15:43:59

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Micra Diesel won't be here probable before Diwali & its Renault engine based Diesel version will probably shake the Market by its Frugality n Responsiveness..

As noticed from its Petrol-TD, Un-Supportive Rear Seat & Swift VXi/VDi-like floating Handling are its - points.





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BornFree2010-09-01 16:05:09

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Two questions:

1. Will it be a hot hatch:

For ultra light Micra, 97 HP should be enough to zoom past Polo 1.6 . But drivability may be an issue since power band may not be linear as usually happen with a smaller capacity engine tuned to increase power output. But more importantly, fun factor may be spoiled by super light steering.

2.Will it make to India?

With 1.2 engine, excise benefit will be there. So some hope is still there but I am not entirely optimistic due to very high Compression ratio (our fuel quality may be an issue). However, I wish Nissan put it as flagship Micra with all the features (alloy, ABS, sculpted rear seat etc) right against Polo 1.6.

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@itssanguine:"Will it make to India?"

Since it's made in India, should filter down to the Indian market too. Sure with all that power there will be wider shoes, better brakes, speed sensitive power steering, slightly firmer suspension to aid handling. Performance will be more in the City class than hatchback class.

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Even than ABS in its top-end variant, it sorely misses on the Rear Seat Comfort. Its very low & completely lacks Underthigh Support even for 5.6ft passengers & on it one feels like sitting on a small Plyboard laid directly on the ground.

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