Refreshed Santro Needed!

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The Hyundai Santro was perceived as an eccentric design earlier by many, when it came along in mid 1998.But the eccentricities came to be acceptable and the car became a much loved one very soon. It was on the best selling list and though waiting lists were unknown, the car had due to its simplicity,spacious interiors in its class, tall boy looks, courteous service by HMIL and commanding road view by the driver become a favourite.Soon it became the Xing with refreshed looks and a heart transplant in 2003.

The i10 came along in 2008 and though this is now the second best selling car(June 2010 figures), the Santro niche still remains untapped as the i10 is no tall boy, though quite advanced in most aspects vis a vis the Santro.

The Santro sells now in lower numbers but the looks have become dated.If the design is refreshed with contemporary styling cues and  some improvements made for rear seated passengers alongwith a better dash and so on, the car can again sell well as the cheapest Hyundai.

As there is nothing attractive from HMIL below the i10 budget, many low

budget car buyers are attracted by the MSIL range.The Santro Xing as of

now is not even considered by many buyers!

anjan_c20072010-07-11 18:13:18

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You're very right anjan sir..

Even I was thinking the same thing just 2-3 days back.

Wondering that why Hyundai have forgot to Face-lift it after their Xing-lift in 2003, which was very soon as being the 3rd Upgrade(1st being Zip drive version with MFR Head/Tail lamps, Zip-plus & then Xing) after its India launch in 1998.

This segement is also having Good Volumes, but Hyundai never focussed on this especially after i10 launch & even with their upcoming H800 soon, hyundai might doesn't do so making way for the Chevrolet Spark & upcoming MS Cervo.

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I personally think Hyundai is just trying to eke out as much money as possible, and the i10 is the new Santro (not a tallboy notwithstanding). After all in India it is very rare to see the old model retired gracefully. They keep churning out the old models till either the dies wear out or the parent is no longer able to supply panels, for example M800-Alto - Astar, Octavia - Laura, Pajero (old-HM & new Mitsubishi), and so on. 

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The Santro isnt significantly cheaper than the i10. An upgrade would only make it more expensive and closer to the i10 and whats the point in that.

           Though its true that there is space for a truly good car in the 3.3-4 lakh(on-road) price bracket. Currently the only car worth buying in that price range is the Spark.

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