Scoop: New Force Motors SUV (Force One)

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I think they should have launched this car way back in mid 90's.The Merc CRDI engine, chassis and body dimensions are seems to be good compare to Safari and Scorpio.Now DC can launch exclusive body kit for Force One for improving its exterior as well as interior.

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My opinion:


Pros: Merc drivetrain

         Competitive pricing




Cons: Poor and decade old design

          Cheap quality Chinese plastic interiors

          Lack of sufficient sales and after sales service network

          Quality of components and availability of spares

          if sourced from China.

          The force one embelem on the steering wheel looks

          like a toy car thingy.

          Huge size and turning radius will keep urban customers


          Absence of ABS and Air Bags makes it an unsafe

          vehicle for highways

Final verdict: VFM SUV for the rich land lords in the villages who does not want to spend more money for a Ford Endeavour.

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Force One review and test drive, 19 August 2011

Force Motors, the maker of Traveller minibuses and the Trax

utility vehicle, has taken a whole new direction and moved upwards into

the passenger car space with its all-new Force One. Here are our first

impressions after driving this Scorpio and Safari challenger.

On the looks front, the Force One

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