Scorpio M-Hawk EDIT: Now Launched

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M-Hawk is it really worth the money?  M-Hawk is definitely better than competition (SUVs -outdated Chevy and Safari)but not worth the money.Even though the power has been increased the chassis and suspension cannot keep the car in control if u really unleash it.You have a cruise control which is of no use over here .Ride cannot be compared to a car .And for the money you pay for a M-hawk you can get an optra and skoda which is far better off in all fields of ride comfort ,safety and snob value.Even Innova is a better handler and far better than an Mhawk.The buyer of a Mhawk is a person who wants a SUV (not a MUV -Innova) and one which is fast and matches his ego ...n then you hand him over a mhawk a potential weapon of selfdestruction if the ego prevails over common sense.. Purely my view ...MnM and the Scorpis punting around would not agree ..purely an ego issue..

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Grande is going to have a detuned dicor which does duty on the safari

ie 20bhp lower than safari and grande is going to be 140kgs heavier than safari

so no way grande is going to be faster than safari dicor and mhawk is faster than a safari dicor .So mhawk will remain the fastest

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