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Hi Iam Dr Anand reddy , iam passionate for Cars&bikes and it continues ,presently i own Subaru STI modified With TOMEIperformmance parts & 2.5 BLOCK you can watch it on HYDERABAD drag race pictures white colur,and a bike BMWK1300R, Volkswagen touareg V10 diesel You can watch pics in Hyderabad Jeep Thrills At GMR aiport,and AudiV6 diesel quattro remapped by petes, Love to read Automagazines testdrive all the cars .bye

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Welcome to the forum Doctor. I wish you a very nice and knowledgeable stay with all.

Please go through the Announcement section to know more about posting methods and rules

I am really amazed to know about your garage. Wow. Please make a thread to share all your cars with pictures and experiences. I guess you have the best garage among all of us here. (correct me if I am wrong)

Is this your car ?


sb-alto2010-07-16 05:45:41

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Welcome to ACI forums. Please read the rules and follow them. You should never create a new thread before checking the forum if it exists. An existing thread may already have addressed some if not all of your queries.

The thread you created has been deleted, and the post moved. A simple search for Vista showed up three pages of Vista threads.

Moderation Team

sgiitk2010-07-16 05:42:42

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Hello Andy!Nice car.How much have you bought that?.I hope my money an afford to buy that.





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-While copy pasting from Word, etc, remove the fonts, tags, etc.

-Advertising is not allowed on the board, please go through board rules before proceeding further.

BornFree2010-08-22 07:51:46

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