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Now our Indian Rupee also got a symbol like those of U.S Dollar, British Pound, Euro and Japanese Yen. We can be proud of a fast growing economy. Congrats to Mr. D.Udaya Kumar on his achievement.


Coming to the topic:

People are excited and searching for the technique how they can use the Indian rupee font symbol in their writings now. Here is the method by which you can download the Indian rupee font just in seconds can start using the same.

The blog Foradian has revealed a step t step process on how to download a Rupee .ttf font. The blog claims that

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Being a banker, I am very happy to see that our INR too has a symbol in the International and Forex market.  Good for the economy, speaking from a macro point of view.  Not much use in the day to day domestic transactions or for the common man, as this symbol will not be used on currency notes and coins.  And, common people rarely use either our symbol or for that matter any of the four (as of now) other International currency symbols of US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen or the Euro.


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