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Chevy Beat Bought

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Hiii guys.. my neighbour recently bought a Beat LS trim.

Costs 3.81 lakhs on-road Delhi(correct me if i am wrong).He fitted it with extra accessories listed below..

*Remote keyless entry

*Alpine mp3 system 4 speakers(2 alpine in the front and 2 PIONEER speakers at the rear)(Is this Advisable????)

Are there any ill effects if we do like this.

also is Alpine as good as a SONY XPLOD ????

*Got all handles, mirrors and The small spoiler painted(colour is green)

*Fitted it with fog lamps(whoppinnngg   RS 8000   smiley3.gif )

*fitted it with roof rails.

and a few more....

After all this the final bill was more than but around             Rs 4 50 000... smiley3.gif.Now tell me guys.. is this a good buy??? I mean VFM ???!!!

It didnt sound sensible at all to me.... Whats ur take on this??? Apart from the looks ... there is nothing which makes u go wow about it(which is what i felt personally in this particular case.)...

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1.Remote locking is fine (if it is not standard)

2.Alpine music system is very good indeed and is better that pioneer. 4 speaker setup is very common and no issues with it.

3.Alpine is better than Sony Xplod

4. painting door handles and all is just fancy, depends on the person. No utility as such but looks improve

5. Fog lamps is fine but rs8000 seems too much. Must be some good Hella or so. I hope he has installed proper relays and all.

6.Roof rails are useless but fancy

7. Beat has got a lot of complaints recently, so buying a Beat is a so-so buy. it is not the best 1.2litre petrol to buy. But who can deliver a Chevy promise ? Mixed reactions. Cant say as he has already bought the car

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Sony's car audio's arent the best available, infact many have got few problems with them everytime especially with the HU. Alpine is much better than many brands commonly available like JVC, Sony, Pioneer, etc. Dont worry about the selection, its fine. Alpine is very good choice, but for speaker even JBL are excellent.

Rest as Bala said, for few bucks more he could have got LT, which is still better equipped than what all accessories he got it fitted in a better way ofcourse.

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He's wasted his money. The difference between LS and LT is Rs 50000. He's wasted all his money. Now the difference is Rs70000!smiley3.gif

If he'd gone in for the LT, he wouldn't have to fit too much after market stuff, and would have sated Rs20k!!!

BTW, I think 3.81 was the ex-showroom price.

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@sb-alto hw can u say that alpine is bettr than xplod????

Sony products are value for money. They are not the best in terms of quality or longevity. Alpine products are way better, with much better quality HU and speakers. I have personally heard both these brands. Every alpine is better than a sony counterpart.

Note: Please do not use SMS language in the forum.

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