Toyota and ACI holds "Fortuner 4x4 Boot Camp"

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Toyota and Autocar India held the Fortuner 4WD Boot Camp on the 23rd and 24th of july exclusively for the owners of the Toyota Fortuner. The off-roading experience was held at a specially designed course off the Mumbai-Pune expressway, covering man made obstacles like steep inclines and articulation, and natural obstacles like water bodies and slush fields. The customers attending the camp were able to safely take their vehicles through areas they would never dare to take through as they were accompanied at all times by an expert off roader. Some "lucky" customers who managed to get their cars stuck were also fortunate enough to be given a crash course in off road recovery.

The favourite section of the track by far was the tough drive through a pond of water which as the rain lashed down became deeper and deeper.

A couple of pictures are attached below. Will upload pics from all over the track, including recovery pictures tomorrow.


20100725_183513_Resized-0001.jpgCYRUS432010-07-25 18:36:15

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Good adventure for Fortuner owners, generally especially in India nobody does hardcore off roading despite many who loves SUV's, but this type of event shows true potentials of an true SUV like Fortuner or Pajero or Endy.

Waiting for many more pics.

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Regular casualties: check pic. 4, post 2.

One has to enter water slowly otherwise the gush can rip apart the bumpers.

Huge splashes of water can be seen on entering the pits, not the best practice.


Overall looks fun but if the track was set/laid(looks & feels like that), then its probably made easy for the vehicles. Good to see people ready to throw their SUV's into slush, quite a change from earlier mindsets where people would not take their expensive SUV's off-road.
BornFree2010-07-26 14:43:09

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Nice pictures, actually all SUV's looks better with some dirt on it, looks like owner really uses the SUV to the full.

Anyways, Fortuner is a very good off-roader, though i hate its interiors, gear lever(vibrates like a truck) & brakes(now improved). When i was in Dubai desert safari, saw few Fortuners there along with Nissan Patrol's & usual Land Cruisers/Pajero's/Montero's, the SUV's which can do that job are supposed to be one of the best off-roaders, so there is no doubt that Fortuner excels in that along with some SUV's double of its price.

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