Next big battle - Alto K10 vs i10 800 segment

This segment is going to be the next biggest battle ground in India  

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  1. 1. This segment is going to be the next biggest battle ground in India

    • Alto K10
    • i10
    • Nano CRDI
    • Spark
    • Santro

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Alto K10 & i10 800cc(coming soon) are going to take our market by storm.

Alto K10 will be cheap, decently equipped, frugal, speedy & its a Maruti


i10 800cc will be cheap, decently equipped, better build, ok mileage, stylish


in this battle( or better to say in this price band), we can't forget the other competitors, viz


Nano CRDI - good city car with extraordinary mileage, looks, spacious


Spark - decently equipped, good FE, spacious, low maintainance, better highway manners, suspension


Santro - A proven workhorse, best at none, good at many.


So whats your pick?

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I'm no auto expert, just an ordinary consumer, so if any wrong quotes, kindly take it as an innocent misjudgement. I think the two cars i10 & Nano crdi have not yet been launched,so 2 judge them on any assumptions is wrong.How good Tata is at building good smaller diesel engines is a real imp question.The present i10 is successful as it has a good balance between engine quality, fe,superior built etc...and at acceptable price.Whether a new 800cc powered i10 can respond in the same manner as present i10 is impossible to judge. Frankly I expected that the i20 would cause serious damage to Swift sales but then the i10 engine could not create the same magic in i20.No doubt i20's design,finish,built quality are overall good,but the i20 package is not a run away success as Swift.....same can happen to 800 cc of i10. Maruti has good head start against all others, the only drawback of new Alto (reincarnation of Zen) is that all other cars have tall boy design.        

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I dont think i10 and Nono should be in the list. One is a segment up while other is a segment down.

i10 800 cc will not be a powerful vehicle which is the sole intention of Alto K10.

Among Alto K10, Santro and Spark, Alto K10 will be a definite winner. A very frugal engine, best power to weight ratio, and a Maruti, along with fresh looks. Santro can fight but it will need a facelift that is more than a painterd grill or cheap looking rings on AirCon vents.

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Yes, the i10 does not really belongs here

. Anyways, I feel that Alto is the complete package here. next comes the Spark. The Spark is any day a better quality car both in terms of build quality and ride, but in terms of usable space, utility and performance the Alto K10 is surely the winner. If the Spark was a bit wider, had more boot space and better headlamp then Spark would have been the winner.

I think A star should have been included in this comparison.

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Hyundai will be introducing a new 800cc,
turbocharged 3-cylinder engine into its i10 mini car next year. The new
engine will sport about 90 bhp and will have CO2 emission below 100

A similar powerplant was put on display by Hyundai with the Hyundai
i10 Blue CNG concept that premiered at the 2008 Geneva motor show. But
that engine was powered by compressed natural gas, emitting only 65 g/km
while still having 97 bhp output. Hyundai have probably decided that
this i10 i-Blue, as it is likely to be called, would fare better in the
market as a straight-up petrol/gasoline powered vehicle.

The i10 i-Blue will be debuting sometime in early 2010 and will
likely have a sticker price that tops out the i10 range, placing it
above the current range-topping 1.2 Style which costs 8,300 pounds in
the U.K. (9,758 euros).

But don't expect prices to be too high, as Hyundai benefits from low
production costs on the i10, built in India, and will likely defray
those costs further by using the 800cc, turbocharged 3-cylinder engine
in other models, including those of sister brand Kia.



My thought: If this piece of information is true, I think Hyundai has a real winner on its hands. I can't help believing it coz the current trend is downsizing and turbo charging. 90 bhp from 800cc would be a revolution and a revelation. Being a turbocharged engine it must have good torque from very low down the rev range. Let's see how they price it.

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The i10 I have added to this poll is the Upcoming Strip'd down naturally aspirated 800cc version coming before this year end to fight A* & Alto.

Even though, all these cars are different from one another, they all are ging to fight the ~3L hottest segment.creativebala2010-08-05 19:10:08

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I really do not feel the Nano should have been included in the poll, in fact its blasphemous. It is peculiar to compare and entry level 4 seater, without even a boot to cars more than a segment higher. Will this i10 '800' have a stripped down Kappa engine or elipson engine? Anyway, to my mind, it spells disaster.

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I wonder if a turbo petrol engine will be as cheap, and how the maintenance cost will be like. Suzuki has a 660cc turbo petrol engine doing business in the Alto is East Asian countries. Its 85bhp with 135Nm torque. But never arrived in India because it will be too costly.

The photo of the 660cc turbo petrol engine is there in the New Alto thread page2.

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Practically Speaking,

i10 will never come in India with Tiny 800cc engine(as it'll become really underpowered for bulky i10 & will definitely be a Disaster like 1.1l in Palio Stile), Instead Hyundai is readying 1.0 litre 4-cylinder version of its 1.2l kappa engine, to Replace its less Fuel efficient Santro based 1.1l iRDE engine & it'll be probably coming around by this Diwali.

Instead Hyundai is developing 800cc 3-cylinder engine for its New upcoming Alto 800cc Rival & will be positioned below the Santro.

800cc & 1000/1100/1200cc engines makes a lot of Difference in terms of driveability & performance, to know just TD Alto 800cc & 1.1l back to back.


Nano CRDi: How much frugal/FE it can be, but no one AltoK10M, i10, Spark seeker will go for it, due to Quality, Reliability, Equipment, Image & Status it delivers.  


Only Spark is the True Rival & it truly comes close to this Head-On fight of this 1000cc's(the segment which is Rejuvenating again after Old-Zen departure) & is truly having Space, Capabilities & Performance to Rival Alto K10M, i10 1.0l kappa.

Figo 1.2 petrol also comes close to this war due to its Engine's Performance, Bhp figures, i.e 69PS(Alto K10 with 68PS) & Starting Price of 4.4 lacs.


IMO, This Poll would be the best with Alto K10 vs Chevrolet Spark vs i10's upcoming 1.0l kappa.


O.T: Hyundai'll probably phase out Santro after the Arrival of their 800cc Alto Rival & their Range'll become; Starting from-


New 800cc car(Cervo, Alto, Spark 800cc competitor) --> i10 1.0l kappa(Alto K10, Spark comp) --> i10 1.2l kappa(Beat, Figo rival) --> i20 --> Accent GLS --> Hyundai Verna --> Hyundai New Verna/Avante(either of them) --> Hyundai Sonata --> Hyundai Santa Fe SUV(flagship)

dr_nishu2010-08-05 20:48:48

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