2010 New York Auto Show (USA)

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In April, 2010 I had the opportunity to visit the New York Auto Show 2010. A very interesting visit which allowed me to appreciate more still the American north automobile market which corresponds completely to my automobile ideal smiley1.gif .

The car show of New York is not very known, it is find of the same size as the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland. I am going to publish here a small part of photos made during the show but I find them representative.

If to wish you additional photos of the other cars I shall add them smiley2.gif

The New York Auto Show 2010 takes place in the "Javits Center" on the 34th street in the west of New York City.

The Javits Center


The hall


The visit begins with Ford, the most important automotive brand for United States it produces the car the most sold every year since 1976, the Ford F-series (see pick-up)

The all new Ford Focus


The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby, a legendary car


What engine for your Mustang? 3.7 V6, 4.6 V8 or 5.4 V8? smiley36.gif


And here were one of mine favorite Ford, The Ford Taurus SHO with 300hp 3.5 V6 turbocharged


Lincoln is the luxury brand of the Ford Group, they produce for example this enormous Lincoln Navigator 5.4 V8, a full size SUV with a great fuel economy smiley36.gif


an invitation to travel


The Mercury brand (Ford Group) which lives its last year, and one of its last Auto Show smiley19.gif


The new Volvo S60 come from Sweden, very successful


Another very important brand, Chevrolet (or Chevy) GM group

Magnificent Chevrolet Camaro, soon in France! 3.6 V6 304hp or 6.2 V8 426hp engine smiley9.gif




only 22'680$ (1053939inr) for the V6 model

The Luxury brand Cadillac and the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with 6.2 V8 564hp engine, soon in France smiley17.gif


The King Size Cadillac Escalade, with very big price and engine (6.2 V8 404hp). A car for star smiley36.gif only 8 model sell in France last year


Exist in extended version (Escalade ESV) or in Pick Up


The DTS, Barack Obama's car


The new Buick Regal, like our Opel Insignia in europe


And nice Buick Enclave (3.6 V6 288hp). I often see one in Poitiers, but it is not officially sold in France


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Here are some imported car

The new Honda CR-Z 1.5 Hybrid


The new Hyundai Tucson, with the new 2.4 "THETA" for the US market, like the Sonata


The mini, bis success in europe, surprising to find them in the country of king size car...



The Volkswagen, german cars, similar that in France

The legendary Golf GTi 2010


The new V6 3.6 FSi for Passat, Touareg...


The new VW Touareg with an hybrid 3.0 V6 TSi engine


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Awesome pics man..

But can you please post them in 640x480 Resolution, as they are Interfering in the Smooth opening of the Thread here.


@mods: Can you please Re-post these already posted Over-Sized pics in proper Size/resolution, so that they can be seen properly.. 
dr_nishu2010-08-11 20:58:58

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@ dr nishu sorry but i think that i have no possibility to edited my post. I putsthe following ones in 640/480 smiley1.gif

@ ZR1 it seems to me that it isa pearly but brilliant white smiley2.gif But magnificent it's true

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size 640x480 smiley2.gif

The very little Smart, made in France, smaller than Mini, only Two seats and 3 cylinder smiley36.gif


Toyota have many problems in this time , specially in United States, but in spite of that present two new models :

The new 2011 Toyota Sienna whose peculiarity is to be the only minivan in the north america market which propose a 4 cylinder engine (a 2.7 187hp) besides V6 ( 3.5 V6 266Hp)


And the new Avalon a middle size sedan, very classic


The new Infiniti QX, very luxurious and very expensive


Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe


And the all new E Class Station Wagon


Wonderful Mercedes SLS


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The Chrysler Town and Country and the old Pt Cruiser


The Chrysler Delta, a show car with a base of Lancia Delta


Surprise! My little Fiat 500 in the conquest of America


The Dodge Caravan, minivan The most sold in the world, more than 10 millions since 1983. Three engines : 3.3 V6 Flex Fuel 175hp, 3.8 V6 197hp and 4.0 V6 251hp


A muscle car, the Dodge Challenger


New Nissan Juke, 1.6 Turbocharged 190hp


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And now the most surprising hall, that of the trucks and big SUV, best sales category in USA


The Nissan Titan, a japanese car for the US market with a king size V8



The new Suzuki Kizashi, a great car, but why in this hall?


The GMC Savana ( similar that the Chevrolet Express) one of the most current commercial vehicle (the best sale is the Ford Enconoline). In USA, for this commercial vehicle the smallest engine is a 4300cc V6 195hp and the biggest a 6.0 V8 323hp, there are also a 4.8 V8 and 5.3 V8. Gasoline of course! smiley17.gif


The Chevrolet Silverado, 3rd best sale in USA, behind the Ford F-Series (1st) and the Toyota Camry (2nd)


Only in V8


The Jeep, the most reasonable brand for the size of the SUV


The Toyota Tundra, like the Nissan Titan, a Japanese car for the USA 5.7 V8 381hp


The Dodge Ram, eighth best sale in USA, the Dodge Ram use the excellent V8 HEMI of chrysler group.


To you to choose your ideal RAM. No delivery deadline smiley4.gif


The biggest Ford Truck : The F-450 Super Duty with a 6.6 V8 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine (390hp, 735 ib-ft of torque). Look atthe size of the person in front of the radiator grill smiley3.gif


Closer to the truck than to the car


And of course the best seller of Ford, car the most sold in the USA since 1978, more than 20 millions since 1978 and more since the first in 1948. around 600000 sales a year.

A base price very small : 21'000$ (985'950inr) for the cheapest model with a 4.6 V8 248hp, a very solid car and engine, explain largely the success, especially in rural areas. But the best selling engine is the 5.4 V8 310hp.

I of course tried it, and i like, which comfort! What do you think of this car?


This is the Platinium level (lether...) with the standard 5.4 V8


Flex Fuel (for ethanol E85)


The new 6.2 V8, most powerful but not more fuel efficient smiley36.gif


And the new Raptor, the sport model, which use the new 6.2 V8


This is the end smiley1.gif




I hope you enjoyed the visit smiley2.gif

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