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Riding Gear- Loving your helmet

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The lesson to be learnt here is from little girls, ever seen how they treat their dolls? Your helmets deserve no less (your entire riding gear deserves no less). I would have added the entire paraphernalia to the list but most riders fidget at the thought of a lid, so gloves etc are still a while away. Now, why? Your helmet is expensive (most good helmets cost a good deal). Your helmet will most probably save your life in the event of an unfortunate crash.


Your helmet is something you will lug around with you the entire day, wherever you go (hey appearances do matter at times dont they?) and believe me, a good, clean, well maintained lid, looks smashing in the hands of a rider. I know its convenient and all that, but dont use a helmet lock, it ruins the damn thing, scratches at parking lots, miscreants, scratches on the bike at times, not to mention wear and tear as exposed to mother nature! I have never used a helmet lock and its been a few years on the bike. I prefer to carry it with me, no matter how inconvenient. Its mine, its safe with me. I hope you can feel the same way, at least to start with, your helmet will be a part of your body before you realise!

FuelRunGod2007-08-27 11:58:58

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A biker is more often than not as attached to his gear as he is to his bike. In my own case, I simply adore my gear, gloves, boots, jackets, and of course, my helmets. The fear of crashing and ruining them worries me no end! (Note- that doesnt stop me from kiting up every time I head out!) I spend a bit of time with the artefacts (that sounds about right), cleaning them, caring for them, they arent just a piece of furniture I use when the need arises.

On that note, we begin:

Well start with the interiors, now, most helmets do NOT come with detachable inner linings, those that do, are rather expensive. For those that dont, you can still take care of it (your scalp, oil, hair, the elements all make that lining inside a tad too dirty and unhygienic over time). How? there are cleaners available, sprays, that foam the insides, enabling you to employ the hands, wring it clean, wash and then set to dry out in the sun.

The sprays can be used for detachable linings too (the only difference being, you dont have to go through the hassle of detaching it in the first place!). Now, what if cleaning foam or spray is not available in your city, country, region? No fret, mild soap powder, a mug of luke warm water, and your hands, is all you need to wash it clean. (luke warm water not boiling hot, linings can be quite flimsy at times).
FuelRunGod2007-08-27 12:00:11

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For those with a detachable innard, you can of course detach it and follow the procedure above, or you could leave it on, but make sure it gets enough sun and air. Again, by sun, I dont mean 45 degree sweltering heat, if its too hot then leave it out in the shade, everything wrt to a helmet should be luke warm, including your heart. Once dry, you can of course attach it back, or just generally crease it out gradually, (dont worry too much about that, it will fall in place within minutes of you wearing it anyway!).



of course theres a lot more to come, but pics of your helmets would be much appreciated, preferably FULL FACE
, because we do advocate riding as safe as possible right? icon_lol.gif

Also, any anecdotes, experiences, stories, are more than welcome! icon_lol.gif

Ill start -


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er, sorry I had to break up the posts, because most of the paragraphs dealt with a different perspective and process


the rest of the article, can be found HERE


Note from Admin: Please take time out to break up the post into paragraphs to enhance readability.
FuelRunGod2007-08-27 12:01:47

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