Have I got a lemon -- i10 automatic??

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Dear All,

 I purchased my i10 auto asta 10 months before. However, I had series of problems,

1. Immobilizer missing

2. Steering rattle

3. rack noise

and now fresh one

LEAKAGE in sunroof. Most strange thing is A.S  and .S. guys in Pune dealer don't know how to fix the problem.

I had asked autocar also to take this matter with hyundai. However in vain.

I am really frustrated and moreover helpless.

Do let me know if you have any good suggestions.

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Then the only logical way left is to search for the contact details of the Head of Hyundai sales & Spares for West (As Pune based) and also send a mail to the head office of Hyundai India. You can always find decent details about the Key people & their contacts on Net & that as per me; should be your next step to escalate

Having said this i am very surprised at the issues, one of my uncle also has a I10 auto which he bought after having used the Maruti one & he has been one of the most satisfied user. This seems like a piece issue which could be deliberate by the dealer who sold the vehicle.

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Yesterday I got a call from West region Office from Ms Swapna. (Contact Number --912240969000 saying that we will look into it. Then I asked for her senior contact, where she fumbled and I threatened her to go to consumer court.

Here are some points from this email

You had signed the delivery note at M/S Kothari

Hyundai clearly accepting the terms and conditions of agreement of the

delivery. (Delivery signed note in possesion of the dealer).

Amit -- Everyone signs such documents. However the cheated

person comes to know after he has been cheated. This doesnt mean the

case should be rested. Thats the reason Consumer Court service is

available. Also in India people are not aware otheir rights hence such

problems occur. Just imagine, I was in US and have had filed a complaint

agains hyundai.


3. Your query for the Immobilizer

system was subsequently raised by you in January 2010 to which Ms Shweta

Naik - Customer Relations Executive of M/S Kothari Hyundai replied to

you by mail on January 8th 2010 and clarified the same.

Amit -- This was never answered. Stupid political answer was

sent. THIS IS NOT SOLVED AND I NEED THIS. The first complaint I put in

was around october 3rd 2009 to be precised. Ms shweta  replied back

saying, we will see. As I mentioned a political answer, nothing


May we also clarify that as per the terms and

conditions of the warranty policy

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