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Straight messageg to Hyundai India

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I m driving Hyundai Verna for the past 3 years and was not facing a single problem just the clutch became hard after 43000kms and I send my car to HIMGIRI Hyundai in Delhi to rectify the problem. What they told me is that we need to change clutch plates. after 2 days I got my car with very light clutch and I was happy until I drove 30 kms after I got my car and there starts the problem.
There was no race, no pickup in the car. again I send my car to service station and then these guys told me that some electric charger need to be replaced but before that I never had such problem with my car. 
I am really dissapointed with hyundai after sales and service as I told them what they have done is no less than fraud and that's not a  way to churn out money from your customers.



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BornFree2010-08-12 17:31:50

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Do you have the bill ? What is actually that electric charger ? Please give the bill details to help us understand about that part replaced.

Is the problem present even after that "electric charger replace" ?

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