Swift Dzire LDi Autocop (Door Lock Latch)

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The autocop lock suddenly wont lock sometimes like from inseide the car u cant open or even if u lock car one or two door opens as it is. Feel like irritating. When called autocop gusy they say the door latch is small. so it breaks often. In a year three - four times we need to leave car in maruti showroom for repalcing the latch anf charging oophing 1000rs. gets irrtating. Is it Because of LDi model. The showroom guy said he LDi model has some door latch problem. But what i have seen from my observation is when i stop the car at my friends place they wont wait for me to unlock from the remote but they will just push that door lock so the latch breaks as it collides between the automatic unlock and manually doing unlock. so it gets stuck i think.. Is anybody Out there who have faced problem.

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