Maruti Alto K10 Vxi - my new homie!


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-Doctor Sahab.

The registration is going to be done this coming week, probably on monday, after that i'll get the filming done and then the pics on their way!!

Update - 21-August-2o10

Refilled the tank today.

700 kilometers covered.

Didn't calculate the fuel efficiency (I know its performing as expected).

The engine is becoming smoother and peppier day by day.

The first day I felt that the AC had a lot of effect on the engine but now that thing has eased out alot and the car drives much easily. The gearbox is also easing out and the transmission/shifting is becoming better. Everyone who's gone for a geri with me has lauded the Aircon. The music system and the speakers are working great. Will post the pics of the speakers tomorrow.

I asked the dealership about the first oil change, and they confirmed that it was at 10,000 km. But the checkup interval is at 1 month, 3month and 6 month and then its 10k km. The first 3 services are free of cost.


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@sarab - Nothing like that buddy. I have got the car registered already. Its just the number plate that has not been delivered yet. Had ordered it on friday and got it today itself.

Bought the car on 15th Aug. 2o1o.

And its just 15 days till date. Everything done. :)

I guess this is something much faster than any other average Indian car buyer.

@DD . Thankx for the compliments!! Yes, I recieve alot of +ive comments about the Pioneer HU and the alloys, ofcourse. Filhaal, the music system is playing primarily 4 artists :

-- Jay Sean

-- Akon

-- Yamla Jatt ( Lal Chand Yamla Jatt)

-- Various punjabi...

Although, my heart is always singing Dhantenaan when I'm driving the car. The car gives you a feel of power being unleashed by the engine as you approach the upper regions of the Speedo.

-Driftydriftpunk2010-08-30 18:36:19

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That's a Cool looking Pocket Rocket with All Black & Silver colour theme.

Haven't you thought of Blackening the B-pillars with Black Tape !

Also do post some of her Good looking dead Front, Rear & Side pics.


sorry for getting personal but why is it that people in punjab register their vehical aaram se ?


@sarab - Haha. Dont know. All I can say is that maybe people are lazy.


More than People, The Whole System & Cops are more lazy here.

Even Punjab Govt. haven't Introduced the 'At the Delivery time' Permanent Registration Issuing System yet like Delhi.

Morever Some People her like Colourful Temporary Registration Stickers,

While Some wait for the Turn of the Registration number of their Choices to come with T-written Temporary Registration Number Plates.
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nice pics.


I'm planning on getting the k10.


I'd like to know about the following issues:

1) how are the headlights for night driving?

2) braking above 100?

3) suspension i heard has been improved. how is it?

4) the front seats are horrible. Did u do any changes to increase the thigh cushioning?
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- gegonbones

1. Headlights are sufficient for city driving.

2. Braking above 100 is 'thik thak'. Not much convincing as I am accustomed to driving City on highways rather than Alto. But sometimes I do cross 100kmph on Alto and braking if OK.

3. Suspension is thuddy. Definitely needs improvement.

4. Front seats are fine. I have not done any thigh cushioning. No lumbar support!

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@ driftpunk,
                   Firstly tons of congrats and wishes. Apni gaddi ko tanne vaddi changi terah se sajaya hai, soni kudi jaise lag rahi hai.( for all other members the rough translation is :- You have decorated your car very well, it is looking like an attractive girl ) smiley2.gif
                        On a serious note reading your thread and by your good logic I think you have made a very good choice between Alto K-10  and the A-star. Your detailed description has cleared many new confusions that crept in prospective buyers' minds after launch of Alto K-10 vis a vis A-star. Trust me there are lots of people who became confused between top end K-10 and base version of A-star. A very good thread indeed.
                        Now I can think of only 1 drawback about Alto K-10, thats its height.I think its the only top selling car in India today which belongs to the older generation cars having the low heights ie: 800 and Zen. Hats off to Maruti, they have hit the bull's eye once again.  




Note from Mod: Use proper English while posting, sms lingo is not allowed on the board.   
BornFree2010-09-27 15:35:51
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Now I can think of only 1 drawback about Alto K-10' date=' thats its height.I think its the only top selling car in India today which belongs to the older generation cars having the low heights ie: 800 and Zen. [/quote']


Exactly, I was having same thing in my mind after driving My Alto LXi on a Recent Highway trip few days back..

Infact I personally like & appreciate the Cars with lower Height as they provide better stability on the Road, but Don't know while driving my Alto on a NH, got that feeling & wished if it would be having l'll bit more Height(but not like Ritz, Wagon-R, etc) & Imposing Stance.


What's your take on this, Drifty, sb & other Alto Owners here !!
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Yes, i do agree that a good height provides better visibility. At times, this thought has crossed my mind while driving Alto Lxi. But, nevertheless i feel it is not that major a problem to crib. Hence, i tend to ignore it and enjoy my drivesmiley1.gif


At the end of the day, older version of Alto or Alto K-10 is worth every penny.
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Yes guys! A better height is definitely symbolic of better safety. While on the go on the highways I have felt that the low position of the car is dangerous. The whole bumper of the car can easily go under the truck in front and the truck comes bang into your face. I was just standing on traffic lights and analysing the whole scenario. When you sit at the wheel, you sink in the seat which feels very comfortable but the negative side is the safety. IMO, the stance of Ritz is not very stable. Instead cars like Endeavour that have a stronger stance as the height to width ratio is lower than that in case of Ritz. Swift is another car that has a good stance, again, because of the height to width ratio being less.

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Hey drifty !!

Don't take this Issue that much seriously.

No doubt Alto is having relatively Lower Ride height, but Positively thinking its alot better than the Old-Zen was, which was very prone to such kinda your mentioned Incidents & Cars based on same Platform like Wagon-R/Estilos aren't even very stable above 100+ speeds & don't behaves well against Crosswinds on Highways.

As 'Wishes are always Limitless' & Its not necessary that each & everyone has to be fulfilled. 

Its only her Ride Comfort, Driving pleasure & Interiors which makes that feel evaporate while driving, as per car freaky said.

So enjoy your Altos guys.. 
dr_nishu2010-09-30 19:08:54
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