Maruti Alto K10 Vxi - my new homie!


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Congratulations on your new car. Some of my friends also own Alto K10 and they are also very satisfied with the performance of the car. The car has exceptional maneuverability and a pleasure to drive on the city roads.

Enjoy your ride in your new car!

Happy Driving

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@drifty I'm waiting for your update.


I still am in 2 minds whether to go for Alto K10 Lxi or A-star. The A-star Lxi costs 50k more than K10 Lxi.


At first i had decided on A-star Zxi, but then its 4.5 lacs so still not sure.


I drive 4000kms a month on rough roads, highways and high terrain.


I use a Swift Dzire Ldi at the moment, but got to leave it at home this december. The Swift is taking a real beating on the bad roads.


At first i thought about getting my Tata sierra because of its superior ground clearance, but scared, because i drive through a jungle track and if anything goes wrong there, im done for good.


I'm thinking of buying at year end when i will get maximum discount hopefully.


I plan to use the car for 2 years then gift it to my wife.


What do you think k10 is good bet?


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hi everyone,  well no doubt the new alto is a great looking car , with a great engine .however how's it vis a vis the new wagon r, the diff in price for the Lxi models being only 50K  ie Alto 347000  and Wagon R 406000 (OTR Pune) also the Wagon R has kinda more snob value  and easy ingress,refreshed looks are great .I am saying this in context of pure city driving..

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@gego&bones :

If rough roads are issue then forget Alto K10. Not that GC is too low but the tyres are now 60% sidewalled. So more chance of rim damage unless you change to alloys. Astar is a better car with better chassis and better dynamics. But the rear is a bit cramped. Both Alto k10 and Astar are good for single driver. If backseat comfort is essential then try Figo petrol. Not the best of best of petrol hatch but value for money considering your tight budget.


WagonR the better of the two is no doubt.

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I have been told that Alto K10 does not have the Rear Doors fitted with the Door-Close Switches (the switches that activate the cabin light if either of the rear door is not closed properly.) Please confirm.


Not alone this !!

Even Maruti Suzuki have Omitted the Outside Keylock of Front Left door for Cost cutting & Central locking promoting reasons on New BS-IV Alto.

Please check this drifty & let us know about K10 also..
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@Dabas - Yes the cabin light does not come up on opening the rear doors, which in my opinion hardly matters to anyone of us.

@DrNishu -- Outside Keylock is present on the front left door sir! Don't expect the cost cutting to go down to that extent! Central locking was already present in my Alto model (Vxi).

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@DrNishu -- Outside Keylock is present on the front left door sir! Don't expect the cost cutting to go down to that extent!


That feature is missing on New 800cc BS-IV Alto' date=' as seen on my cousin's Alto LXi brought last month.

But written here just to confirm that Is this is same for K10 or not !

Seems that K10 has been kept l'll bit far from Cost-cutting measures as seen on 800cc One..


Central locking was already present in my Alto model (Vxi).


I'm referring to the CL with the Keyless Remote CL above.
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Got the Crosslink-Wheels Autocop System installed last weekend. Will post the pics of the autocop remote key tomorrow! Crosslink Wheels is the name of the company, the autocop has no link with Wheels of the car though!

Into the last days of college now, here is a pic of my ride, parked away from the usual parking in open space!


driftpunk2010-12-18 17:07:47

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-DD -- The car has done close to 9500 km's.

Ground Clearance - The ground clearance is ample! It has passes over the obstacles and speed breakers very comfortably!! No issues at all. These are my stock tires with no up-sizing. Just the alloys put in. The degree of window tints is what my dad scolds me for, often! smiley9.gif

driftpunk2010-12-19 05:12:39

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@Doc -- Yea, dusky weather has given a charm to the pic.

The Odo has clocked ~10k, but the car is just 4 months old (young).

And I always keep it in Spik'n'Span condition and it hurts to see people dragging around dirt-laden cars.

Polishing it once every 20 days with Formula One Car Polish and using a mixture of Head and Shoulders and Formula 1 Car Shampoo for washing the car keeps the paint intact and shiny.

Am using Tyre Shiner and Alloy Shiner for the car too!

Once I get into the mood of washing the car, i'm unavailable for 2 hours! smiley36.gif

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-Mr.Spock -- My college is 35 k.m. from my home! So up-down = 70 km. Add to it, the roaming around in the car aimlessly on the Geri Route

Then the garaari with friends or going to a far off place to eat even though our college has plenty of eateries and tuck-shops inside the campus! Well, defining garaari, it can assumed to be a purely illogical 'zid' to do something difficult by overlooking the easy alternatives! Thats college life!!

Now many people would be wondering why I went for a Petrol car with daily running close to 100 km!!

No, I am not going for Projector Headlamps! But I have already bought 90/100 W bulbs for the car. Don't have time to get them installed (relay n stuff). In the coming Christmas holidays, I'll be having some time in my hands.

driftpunk2010-12-20 09:42:50

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@drifty - I also love driving more often drivng through beautiful LBZ in Delhi so it makes sense  to me what your experiencing.

My college life was the most boring time even though I had a car there.

Now coming to your car what mats are you using- Rubber or Fabric?

Do you have any idea of the cost of 3D mats?

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-Mr.Spock -- College life and Teenage is something what a person remembers all his life. I'm sure SGiitk can share his teenage experiences which would be a contrast with what we all have now! smiley1.gif

The foot mats are Rubber make. They were given complimentary with my car. But they are a pain. They keep slipping around in the car. I like the fabric ones more. City I-vTec has them. They are more stable and collect dirt more effectively. The rubber ones are inefficient at collecting the mitti-ghatta. Ummm, I dont know about the cost of 3D Mats but I would prefer having plain black mats!driftpunk2010-12-20 10:02:46

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Here are 2 pics of the CrossLink Wheels Remote Locking System. The remote has a very stylish look! The cover of the remote slides to reveal the buttons.

4 Buttons are present -

1. Lock

2. Unlock

3. Siren (to ward off anyone loitering around your car)

4. Lights (to turn on the hazard lights)

The system has sensors in the Boot, Bonut and all the doors. If anyone tries to fiddle with them, the siren blows!

It has 2 modes, a silent mode, and a beep-response mode.

The silent mode mutes the sounds and the signal acknowledgment is given by the lights only. The beep-response mode is the commonest mode. This was the only system in the market that had a basic Tukk-Tukk sound, others had weird sounds.



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@drifty- the keyless entry looks beautiful. How much did you pay for them?

Fabric floor mats are not usable in rainy season as moisture builds up and gives a bad stench to interiors.Rubber floor mats provided by the dealers are horrible , go for some good quality rubber aftermarket car floor mats.Mr. Spock2010-12-20 13:51:19

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