Zen LX 2002 PUC Test Failed

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Presently I am having Zen 2002 Lx MPFI. After running 33000km recently i replaced clutch, front struts , lower arm etc. and all the liquids the car (engine oil, gearl oil, coolant) consume.

As my pollution expired on on Aug18 i went to emission testing centre and after testing it was found the car is having much higher CO level so i was advised for a thorough tuning including cleaning of throttle body and injectors. During tuning i replaced all the plugs, air filter and petrol filter including cleaning of all injectors and throttle body. After tuning I went to the emission testing centre and found the pollution level has not come down infact higher. I returned back to the service centre where the mechanic said it is normal as the car is still having cleaning liquids in the fuel lines so i should visit the emission centre after running the car for two days.

What I like to know is this normal or something else is wrong with my car ? I will let everybody know after i visit the emission centre after 2 days.

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