BMW Launched 800Touring & K1300R Dynamic

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BMW Motorrad announced two special edition motorcycles as part of its 2011 range- the F 800 ST Touring and K 1300 Dynamic.


The F 800 ST Touring is designed to make long-distance riding even easier with a range of options and accessories (such as ABS, Key-matched, expandable Sport Panniers, on-board computer, heated grips, main centre stand) worth GBP1,658. OTR price is GBP8,510

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Been looking at the two standard versions of these two for awhile now. Will go to my BMW dealer to look at and roll me think. I disagree with Kawaskifreak F800ST may seem expensive, but compared with the new Yamaha FZ in this spec also its very good value, and probably as much fun. Without chain with the bonus and much better mpg. In the long term these reasons, and generally waste BMW, I know where my money is or will be underway.

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If I could own a multitude of bikes, this might find it's way into my

garage, just as a K1200R might have. Unfortuneatly, I only have one

bike, so I want something with at least some wind protection, thus the

K12S. I like the looks of the headlight, it could use a fly screen,

like some of the other street fighters, but that will eventually be an

option, at least aftermarket. Obviously, I am not a traditional

Beemerfile, just a guy who loves bikes and is on his third BMW. The

proof is in the sales, so if it doesn't sell, some of you guys will be

proven to be right.

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It looks wowww!!!!!!!
This BMW 800 Touring &K1300R is Dynamic and its all about comfort
its really great to drive.

BornFree2012-05-04 12:40:57

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