Joy is BMW (used 320D 2007)

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thankoo , tyres are Yokohoma DB series, i was told that they have done just 2500km and are in good condition, i am sticking to RFT's for now might change it l8er


@rahul, guiguiswiss

thankoo , yes the badge has been stolen , twice smiley19.gif


@andyred , yes have to take car of it during monsoon , specially from rivers and lakes during this season found in city.


@dr.nishu & singhji , thanko , got it for 18.XX , first owner and low milage made it a good deal.


@bornfree , thankoo ,  no damages but few scratched and a bit of touch-up in the front left side lower bumper. Have to deal with it in second buys.


Want to instill HIDs , are tiwanese Headlamp kit adviced?


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Want to instill HIDs ' date=' are tiwanese Headlamp kit adviced?



Not at all. Go for Philips or else contact BMW. I guess there is a official HID upgrades for all 3series. It includes new reflectors with projectors/angel eyes + HIDs. Go for it if you want premium stuff.

sb-alto2010-08-26 18:24:49

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Headlights costs 1.2L ?smiley3.gif.

I do not know if there is any aftermarket sets available. I was talking about original BMW 3 series upgrade. Cant say if getting it from Dubai will be any cheaper.  I would rather not advice you to fiddle with the wiring and electronics by going Taiwaneese.





sb-alto2010-08-26 18:46:12

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well dunno i kind of like the headlamps , and yes BMW parts are expensive


2007 ,320D 170bhp cost between 17.5 to 20 depending upon condition and owners , it is costly here because of the 60-70% duty on imports (100% on CBU)


@Cyrus : thankoo , no big rims , current 16s are back breaking; for someone who is loyal to mercedes :) 17-18 will make it do hazmola ka duty , sab hajam ho jayega.


@bala : thankoo , yes these days i don't mind going to shop for daily groceries (mom is shocked !!)
sarabjeet2010-08-27 13:57:22
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@DD & Asethi(thankoo) ,its kind of like when a child see's a new toy he must have it. My bro has already spotted a replacement, He seems to like his friends X6 and it is growing all over him.


some more picz


Solution for badge





some interior picz




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