Joy is BMW (used 320D 2007)

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@ Sb-alto , i think i like the present headlamps now, plus changing the set would create waste and harm environment smiley36.gif


Jokes apart, i have asked few peeps in Opera house(mumbai)about imports available from Dubai should get quotation on tuesday , where did u get the quotation frm ?

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have to check it out with Navneet , didn't know BMW India offers white CFL's , if Indian costs around 83K , i should get imported for less than 50K.

Thankoo for information will checkout

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yes cars are expensive here , i wishes taxes are brought down. I like the present tail-lamp the new one doesn't excite me



@anjan sir : Thankoo , its a beast , have to tame it.


good news and bad news


good news


have completed 1000 km today in 15 days on ownership


Have touched 180 kmph today while travelling to Thane


Bad news


First blood drawn, stupid lady (sry abt the abuse par emotion ko samjho) scraped right-hand side view mirror smiley19.gif


Plus have been running around to find a badge for Front right side wheel .


edit: pic update tomorrow
sarabjeet2010-08-29 19:20:22

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