used Ford Fiesta, Swift diesel or Ikon? (<4 lac)

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2004 Optra for 3.75 lacs in Chennai seems good, but it would have been better if you bargain it for some 10-20k more.

But 1.8l engine of the Optra was Introduced for 1st few years only after her launch & this 1.8l engine is actually an Engine sourced from Holden Motors, Australia.

As far as I remember its having slightly Lethargic Acceleration/Pick-up in lower Rpms but Its a Good Engine with almost negligible maintanence & Good FE(10-12 kmpl for Highways isn't a dream for her).

But as this engine is not used by the GM-Chevrolet from last few years in the Optras', so Spare Parts Availability might crop as an Issue when you need them, especially considering the fact that car itself is now 6-years Old.

So it'll be Prone to some sort of Repairs, parts replacements, etc. 

Rest Choice & Decision is yours..


Also do check the Major Accidental Repairs done by checking its NCB(No Claim Bonus) of Insurance, its better if it's 100%.  
dr_nishu2010-09-04 15:04:11

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Thanks for all the help.

I booked the Optra 1.8 LT last sunday and took the delivery on Friday. Car outline, looks, and interiors are too good. It is spacious in both front and back seats. I haven't noted the mileage yet, started noting the meter reading from yesterday only at the point of full tank. Next Full tank will give me a brief idea of mileage. I am hoping it will touch 8 kmpl, as my driving style is not bad.

My only major concern is shockers, for Chennai roads it sometimes seems too much too handle. What can be done in regard to that? What kind of expenses I am looking at?

I am very happy with my buy as I never expected to touch 1800 cc engine with my budget.


As you said it is little lethargic in initial speed pickup but after 30 I like the acceleration.


It is the same car you saw in TSM velacharry office. It is so well maintained that no one can say it is as 6 year old car.

Next weekend taking to Bangalore, lets see how it performs.

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@ vigour ..looking at your needs, I wouldn't suggest you any diesel machine.

well you can check out Ford Figo..

you get brand new Exi n Lxi wll within your budget..

n then its Ford..known to be a driver's but obvious driving will be pleasure..with lots of boot space

mileage isn't that bad too...

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Congrats Vigour. Optra 1.8 is a rather thirsty engined car. You'd be lucky to get 8kmpl, as Nishu has mentioned. It's comfy to drive and I wouldn't fault the gear box too much as mentioned in many reviews. I have Tded it some 5 years ago. Finally you have followed your heart than your head. It will pinch you at time of sale.

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Now I am daily commuting with this car. In city, i am roughly getting 8 to 8.5 kmpl. This weekend, I drove from Chennai to Bangalore, the experience was awesome. I drove about 750 kms in total. On highway, I reached the speed of 160 kmph and still the engine was ready for more, for which I didn't get a chance as the roads are curved or other vehicle lead me to press the brakes :). I mostly drove in the speed range of 120 to 160 in morning when driving from Chennai and as well in night when I drove back from Bangalore with slight windows and sunroof open(night). Its sound system is very good, only one of the speaker on the front left door seems to going off that too very occasionally for heavy rock music.


Yes, its thirsty engine in city I am getting around 8 to 8.5 and on highway with my speedy driving style, I got between 10 to 11 kmpl. Well when I buy this car, I want to enjoy the drive and speed. I test drove other cars - fiesta petrol, accent viva, logan diesel, uva, swift. Other than accent viva, I didn't find the cars enough powerful. Accent Viva is also thirsty but I missed that car by few days as it was already sold when I went next time to the dealer. I guess, my heart asks for the thirsty cars. Regarding resale, if needed, I think it would go at a maximum loss of Rs. 1 lac, if I keep it in good condition.

Well, car looks elegant, classy and powerful. It has no visible dents and scratches. Only concern I have is the shock absorber and suspension system, which I needs to get checked. Any idea how much expense I am looking at for getting fixed the same.

Conclusion: Sometimes you have to follow your heart than your head, and I am loving what my heart suggested. Also, did I mention the registration number is of two digits 00XX (X same).

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