The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever

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According to this website

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The 10 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

Posted on 09/15/2006 under: Design, Topics



search for the most beautiful cars was primarily guided by one

criterion - undoubtful and unmistakable beauty, as much as it is

possible to use that term when referring to cars. It is a rather

ungrateful theme, since beauty is very subjective and impossible to

generalize. For some, there can be no match to old timers, while on the

other side there are car enthusiasts who believe that car design has

never been more perfect than today. Just think of the Rolls-Royce,

Pagani Zonda, McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo and many other. How can they be

compared to Ferrari Dino, Talbot-Lago, Jaguar, Porsche Spyder,

Duesenberg etc.? We hope that you approve of our choice and feel free

to add your personal best in the comments.

Jaguar E Type

The Jaguar E type, also known as the XK-E, was launched in 1961 and

immediately became a major hit on the market. It combined not just

performance and engineering excellence, but also a stunning design. An

aerodynamics engineer, Malcolm Sayer, is the man to blame for this

beauty. Many consider it probably the most beautiful production sports



1930 Mercedes-Benz Count Trossi SSK


This elegant design is a result of a combined effort of Count Carlo

Felice Trossi, who bought the chassis of the SSK in 1930, and an

unknown English body worker, Wiilie White (coach-builder), who put

Trossi's vision into reality. It has surely earned its name, the Black

Prince. This magnificent car is in the famous Ralph Lauren car


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Bugatti Veyron 16.4


It is one of the fastest, the most expensive, the most powerful and the

most beautiful cars of our time. Veyron holds the Bugatti car making

tradition, which never failed in creating beautiful and stylish cars.

Its aerodynamically structured body expresses a perfect union of

luxurious and sportive elements. Bugatti, or Volkswagen-Audi Gruppe to

be exact, wanted to show the world the capacity of automotive industry

with Veyron. Such an engineering and design jewel is a phenomenon whose

characteristics will not be available in any everyday car, but with its

existence, Veyron makes the world a much better place for any

automotive enthusiast.

1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS Teardrop Coupe


When first describing it, the press used a special expression for this car - goute d'eau,

a drop of water. Later it was translated as 'teardrop.' Goutte d'eau

was a new term, an acknowledgment that the automobile's speed had

crossed an invisible line where aerodynamic drag and stability began to

influence performance as much as weight and power. Jaguars William

Lyons once said: 'That car is positively indecent.'

Pagani Zonda


It is the beauty and the beast at the same time. The provocative and

futuristic Zonda design is the creation of Horacio Pagani, and is a

result of the intense search for aerodynamic and ergonomic aesthetics

linked to the need to create a sensational and exceptional car. It is

wild and raw, and surely won't leave you indifferent. It is interesting

that Horacio used his wife for a model during designing this car. And

actually, when looked from above, Zonda really has the figure of a


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1967 Shelby Mustang Eleanor GT500


This car became more famous than ever after the Gone in 60 Seconds

movie, where it got its name - Eleanor. The car in the movie was a

modified version of 1967 GT500 and featured extensive external body

upgrades. Since it became so popular, and it is obvious why, Shelby

started production of Mustang GT-500Es. Everyone just went crazy for

it. Even a couple of years after the movie, Eleanor is still

exceptionally popular. In USA, there are a couple of workshops that

offer outstanding Eleanor replicas with even more power than the

original version had.

Ferrari Dino


The name "Dino

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I'm surprised to see the Veyron and the RR Phantom in the list.  The Veyron does classify to be beautiful, but being "beautiful" is an adjective less suited for the Phantom.  It is more of a symbol of power, power and more power!

I like the MB Count Trossi.  It could easily be "Dracula's ride" or "Batmobile".  It looks sinister and deadly attractive.  It is amusing to note that the Zonda was inspired from a woman.  From the way it looks, thankfully his wife is an attractive lady for sure, and not another average American lady! smiley36.gif


Some of the cars in the list are my favourites as well, like the Shelby Mustang GT 500, the SL Coupe and the Zonda.  As for me, any Lambo should have been in the list.  I'm happy to see Aston Martin, who have given us such beautiful cars that make our hearts sigh in appreciation.  



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Agree that Eleanor in one of the beautiful of all time. Kudos to Chip Foose for creating one.


In my opinion, the most beautiful ferreri of all time will be the 250 GTO, followed closely by the 288 GTO.

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i don't know if its my imagination or what but the aston martin DB4 GT zagato looka like a smaller and a more compact version of the ferrari dino.

ferrari - european roads

aston martin - indian roads

though the shelby and the mercedes sl300 truly deserve their positon on the list.

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well i don't know if any other should have been out or in the list but one car which everyone will agree on is the bugatti....... Specially if you define beauty not only to the eyes but to ears and heart also........

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dude i think u should reconsider the zonda also i agree that the veyron is a a head turner and an engineering marvel but.. there also has to be 1 porsche how abt 911 carerra with the beefed up wheel arches

my all time favorite is the ferrari f355 though        

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