Suzuki to build new auto plant in India

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Suzuki to build new auto plant in India


Suzuki Motor Corp is planning to build a new factory in India capable

of producing more than 250,000 vehicles a year, the Nikkei business

daily reported on Sunday.

Suzuki aims to start operations at the new plant as soon as 2013, the newspaper reported without citing a source.

The automaker, which first started production in India in 1983, plans to expand output there to 1.45 million units by 2012.

The latest expansion will increase annual output in India to 1.7

million units by 2013 -- exceeding total output of 1.4 million in Japan,

the newspaper said.

Suzuki has more than 50 percent market share in India, which is one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world.

Maruti Suzuki, India's leading car maker which is 54.2 percent owned

by Suzuki, posted a 24 percent rise in August sales for its best-ever


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Good News.


For all those customers who are waiting in queues for weeks together to get cars of their choice.


For all those Auto Ancillaries who are grinning.


For all those SSI and SME units which feed these Auto Ancillaries.


For all those NBFCs who finance transporters who shall now be happy too.


And, finally, the Bankers who shall be funding/dealing with all the above.



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So after their 3rd plant comes into Operation' date=' Maruti Suzuki will complete with India's largest 2-Wheeler maker Hero Honda in terms of their Product Volumes. smiley4.gif[/quote']


That's an interesting comparo. smiley1.gif  17,00,000 units per annum is a lot!

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