Your Chance to test a FORMULA car!!

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This is your Chance to Test a Formula LGB Swift or a Formula Maruti (FISSME) Racing car!!!

The event is for Novices who have never driven a Formula car and would like to feel it on a Real Race track.

The EVENT is Being organized by 'Aerodene RaceKrafts'

The Event will be held at the Madras Motor Sports Club Racing Track, in Chennai.


The Event will be held at the (MMSC)Madras Motor Sports Club Racing Track, in Chennai a dedicated Motor Racing Facility in operation since 1980's.


The program will be kicking off on 18th of September and continuing till 19th of September.


Driver will be given basic training on driving these machines around a
race track under the guidance of a National Racing Driver,with the
driver taking them on a Saloon car around the track for some laps(as
the trainees being the passengers) + obviously sessions around the
track with drivers driving the formula cars

The Program will start at 12p in the afternoon and continue till 630p in the evening.

The program includes basic theory + driving sessions.

Drivers will get an opportunity to test these Formula cars for at least 200laps thats for around 420kms!!

► Costs For testing the Formula LGB Swift Cars- 15K for 1 day OR 26K for a 2 day program.

► Costs for testing a Formula Maruti(FISSME)- 11K for 1 day OR 18K for 2 days!!

Check out the images of the car and track-


The Last date to submit entries is 10th of Sept 2010

?? Contact Me ASAP for Registrations or Inquiries??

Utkarsh Shetty

(Event Manager)


(For this week plz call me between 2:00p-7:30pIST)



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