Hyundai i10 Mileage Update

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am a customer of Hyundai i10. I had a very bitter experience, which

I like to bring into public. Anyone who goes for i10 or Hyundai

vehicles, should think twice......

Let me tell u what happened to me on Oct 2nd 2009. Exactly 10 months

after I bought my new Hyundai i10. I was trying to start my car by 4 30

PM in the evening. The car dint start, so I tried again twice. Hearing

this my wife came and asked whtz the problem. I told I dont know and

tried again for 2 times. Suddenly my wife gave a big cry and told fire.

I peeped through the window and say the left side of my car burning. I

jumped out of the car and within 10 sec the battery exploded. It was a

big fire and fire force came to settle it down. I called Police and

prepared Forencis Report also. Then Hyundai people came to take the

car, I told them very clearly that I am not there for any settlement

other than a new car. They took the car and told me that the whole incident was caused by a rat. A rat had bitten

the tube and petrol came out(This is the reason they say for the fire).

And they clearly say that rat is an external device so we cant take the

responsibility. You should understand the person who had spend his

money for buying the car and his mental situation. This

similar incident happend for Hyundai previously also. You can see that


Whatever happens to the car Hyundai is not responsible, rat is

responsible. I asked Hyundai to give that in a letter pad. He said he

want to discuss with his team before giving it in writing.I just

received a mail from Hyundai. I am pasting it here Dear Mr. Midhun,

This is with reference to your concern regarding your Hyundai i-10 car bearing registration number

At the outset, we regret the inconvenience caused to you.

On receipt of your email dated October 2, 2009, our representatives

visited your place to inspect your car on October 3, 2009. Further,

your vehicle reported to our workshop, Hyundai Motor Plaza on October

4, 2009.

Your vehicle was inspected thoroughly and we would like to confirm to

you that the cause of damage in your car is not due to any

manufacturing defect. Hence the necessary repairs / replacements are

beyond the purview of warranty.We assure you the best of our support

and guidance and request you to kindly accord your approval so as to

enable us to proceed further.

In case of any further assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact us at 044-42204664/5.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

R. Vasudevan

Customer Care Service - Hyundai Motor Plaza


See this is the response customer gets for the same

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karthik to get good mileage 10 km in 1st gear, 10-20 km in 2nd gear, 20-40 km in 3rd gear , 40-50 km in 4th gear and 50-more in 5th gear, maintain an average speed of 45-55 , i am sure u will improve your mileage following this.

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Hi All,

I want to buy a new car. This would be my first car.

My budget is around 4 lakhs. I did a lot of research and found this community really helpful.

My needs would be-

a. Definitely good mileage.

b. Am not a fast driver freak.But don't want my car to be like a bullock cart also.

c. Don't want to go for cars like Santro, WagonR etc as i don't think they are more of a status symbol(I am not talking about status symbol like what a Honda City will provide but still a good enough car will do)

I have zeroed in on these 3 cars and have some reservations and positive points also against them.

1. Indica Vista(Petrol)- I just love its look and all the features that it provides in this range. I would have gone for it with my eyes closed but just one thing stops me for going for it. The fact that its name is Indica and especially in NCR region people associate the name Indica with a Cab only. So that mark of a cab on indica is what making me think twice about it.

2. i10 (Era)- Because of the reservations about above mentioned 2 cars, i am looking at i10 also. It doesn't have the limitations of the above 2 cars(its not a cab and services of hyundai is good enough). But somehow i feel that its really a very small car and expensive for the features that it  provides.

I am really confused among these 2 cars.

Please suggest your inputs. It would really be helpful

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Did you consider Chevy Spark while making the decision?

When i saw spark in chevy showroom, i was impressed. It seemed real VFM with some nice offers etc. I dont know anything beyond that. If you havent considered that yet you can research on that aswell. I am not sure about spark ownership for status symbol.


As far as choice between i10 era and Vista.. i would give more weightage to i10 as it is today's car and adds value to ownership. 




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dude your calculation arises one question and that too an important one- you filled the car with 33.56 lts. of fuel after your journey....but the fuel tank capacity of i10 is 35 lts. so that means you were almost out of fuel when you were returning! less that 1.5 lts. were there in your tank...You are a very brave man as you were driving the car with fuel needle on 'empty' and fuel warning light 'on'. Its hard to believe this.... so that means you knew that this last liter of fuel will take you to your chosen petrol pump? you knew that your tank will not go dry before you reach your chosen petrol pump? how did you do this????????

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21 km/ lit in i10 is hard to believe. My I 10 Asta 1.2 is giving 10.37 km / lit without AC . For 27 Litres, I have driven 280 km and out of  that, 70 km was on Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway. My vehicle has run a total of  637 kms ..


While writing in a forum, one need to be 100% honest

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I think, you should inform the hyundai team about your dissapontment with the process, and failing which i think, you should file a suit, and also mention this in all the blogs available. This can bring serious damage to the image of i10.

If company cannot do anything for its customers, the you should do the needful to tarnish the image.

having said that your case should be genuine.


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What a dramatic change ?!


Driven 275 km on from Delhi to Chandigarh and obtained a mileage of  14.73 km / lt ( 25% AC )..Speed was 80 to 100 kmph most of the time. The car has run 1325 km.


I hope the mileage would further improve after the first service ( 1st service booked on 23rd Jan with Hyundai Motor Plaza, New Delhi ).



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hello latesh,

At the mentioned budget you could also look at the ford figo.

This is the latest machine in industry and promises to be the most VFM car in the segment. It has got features which are not on offer in some more expensive cars.

FE is also brilliant for a diesel and would be decent enough for the petrol.

just get a TD of the vehicle. It is far better than the likes of  i10,swift,wagon-r or even a punto or an i20, when considered one on one in terms of features offered and the on-road price of the cars..


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My i10 1.2 Kappa gives me around 12-13 Kmpl in city and around 18Kmpl on Highway. This would be with 25% AC usage.



OT ! I have suggestion on the postings, please ensure that people post relevant topic postings only and also discourage people replying to the non-relevant posting. This would ensure the topics are covered under proper headings and it would be quality content.

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i have asked the dealers and the owners of all i10 cars and they have the same thing to say the mileage cannot be more than 12 in city., which means u need to fill in for a minimum of rs 300 per day for a small running with ac on so it being the case you can keep 9000 rs per month of fuel alone.

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My i10 1.2 automatic asta gives me @13 kms/liter with 100% ac on in city and @16-19 on highways with AC on 90%. Mileage calculated by tankful method. I have seen people getting 6-7 in city. Dont know why

 such a huge difference.


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