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Here comes: Ford Endeavour 4x2 AT

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how much cheaper is the automatic 4X2 compared to the 4X4?


Its about Rs.1.20 lakhs cheaper than 4x4 version.


Hope they do not get into the mess of a Mahindra AT (Scorpio?) which failed ....


Endeavour 3.0l TDCi AT is already coming in Indian market from sometime & is quite successfull too.

But earlier it comes in 4x4 variant only & now they introduced l'll bit Gearbox-stripped version only in 4x2 avatar.


Will the 2.4 be discontinued?


2.4 TDCi is a way different than 3.0l AT as it's about Rs.1.4-1.5 lakhs cheaper than the latter & serves as Cheaper & Fuel efficient base version..

Ford have only added another variant to Spice-up Endy range..

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I dont understand the point of this version. It would have been better had they launched the 3.0L 4.4 version in manual version.


Anyways, I dont know what it is about the Endeavour but it I find it very attractive. I know the Fortuner is overall way ahead of the Endeavour but based on the one year ownership experience, I am willing to buy one again.


I might just consider a second hand one.


P.S: Sorry for going off topic.
asethi9192010-09-14 19:27:05

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Some one tell Ford we are not Americans and we have no problem using Manual tranmission smiley2.gif


You are exactly right dude,

but IMO, Ford thinks all this the another way i.e; Introducing & Exploring the vehicles in the Un-tapped Segments.

If you look a decade or l'll bit more back, No one in India have thought of the Off-Roaders without Shaking & Rattly Gear-knob(of Mahindra Jeeps) & Ford is just trying to Iron-out/Washing that, which Toyota haven't even thought for this Segment yet, despite of being a Ruler there !

Hats off to Ford.. 
dr_nishu2010-09-15 20:10:19

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