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Can somebody suggest - which is the best of them all to buy as a first car..


1) Alto K10

2) i10

3) Spark

4) Wagon R


Power, good a/c, Ride & Build quality with reasonable economy at best price is the obvious criteria.. I heard spark come with no maintenence offer for 3 years - how good is that?

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If space is not a bigproblem for you ,alto k10 is a good first buy ! Else go for Wagon R . If you can spend a lil bit more , just check out the new i10 , its going to be launched soon .

Meanwhile , shouldn't this thread be in AAA .

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As a typical family car, No one comes close to the MS Wagon-R, it's One of the Best, Spacious, Comfortable, Most Practical, Fuel efficient & Easy to

Drive of the lot & can be easily driven by Almost every Family member.


But if you want the car which is only going to be driven by yourself & Enthusistically then Alto K10 is the Only One for you.

Choice is yours..
dr_nishu2010-09-18 20:41:43

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My choice would be Alto K10 for being the latest.


Often, the latest is closer to being the best.


Invariably, the latest will offer some advantages.


a. Plenty of road presence with a lot of onlookers turning their head to see and

    praise the new entrant ( I experienced this with my Xylo - the first unit to be

    registered in Rayalaseema, South Andhra Pradesh ).  This novely factor is

    something to be experienced to understand it.  Unknown people will come

    ask your opinion.  The downside is that you should be fully informed of your

    new possession.  You do not know who will ask you next.


b. Trouble free service for a longer time to come ( as compared to the existing

    models ).  Ready availability of spares will be the biggest plus point. 


c.  You will not feel cheated as the model you buy will not go out of

     production in a few months.  Or, goes in for a major revamp.  Or, a major

     discount is given to push the sales (like they do for older models, the latest

     is Chevy Optra, a discount of a Lakh of rupees). 


Thus, I think, Alto K10 is better than the others.


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