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Thanks DD for this link.  The video was simply superb.

A couple of things made me really wonder about the way they drive there in Russia.  All car drivers are very systematic and methodical drivers as they are parking their cars in perfect straight line in each of the traffic lanes.  This is something great.  Hats off to all those car drivers.


There seems to be no road dividers.  This seems to be rather strange and a welcome thing to note.   In India, we have even a busy 30 feet road is likely to have a divider in the most unlikely, most unwanted and most unwarranted stretches.


Thirdly, it is his pure luck that no door was opened, from any of those hundreds of cars he had overtaken on either side.  


To top it all, the roads were simply superb to drive on.  Given that sort of roads, who knows, I may even be tempted to drive like that.  With or without a R1.  Just kidding.  


I used to drive not exactly like that but certainly like a shade of that sort, when I started to drive, about 31 years back.   Now, I do not remember of driving a two wheeler for many years now. 


Thanks DD.


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